Monday, September 18, 2017

I missed a day

When I decided to start back to blogging, I worked hard to not miss a day and I haven't . . .until yesterday!  (I may have posted late in a day but I still posted HA!)  To make it worse, I missed a day that is easy . . Sunday.  I just post a scripture or a song.  BUT, we went swimming Saturday evening after a busy day and we swam until 10:00 pm.  For real!  By the time we got home and got a snack it was time for bed and we were all tired HA!  So, oops!

Up until this week, I've had a good two weeks worth of posts, or at least ideas, ready to go but as I start this week, I'm out of ideas!  I'm sure they will come to me as the week goes by but for now, the well is running a little dry :-)