Friday, December 6, 2019

Weekly Menu

December - the most wonderful time of year!  The lights and Christmas Songs plus all of the extra special things that go on - it is all so much fun!

We still have to eat though :-)  So, with that in mind, here is the plan for the coming week!

Friday - It's time for our town's Christmas Parade so we have to grab a quick bite to eat before heading downtown.  We keep it simple - Chicken Nuggets and and Corn Dogs!

Saturday - Josh has requested homemade pizza - I made it before Thanksgiving and it is his new favorite meal (He loves pizza - but the homemade is his second favorite.  What is his first, you ask?  Speedway.  Yes, pizza from Speedway!)

Sunday - We have leftovers - Leftovers sent home from a funeral; Plus Pulled Pork BBQ leftovers and homemade applesauce.  Sometimes we just have to stop and eat whats in the fridge! 

Monday - Hot Dogs and Mac and Cheese.  Simple on a busy night.

Tuesday - Ham and Cheese Quiche, Lemon Bread and Fruit (A carry over from last week!)

Wednesday - Frozen Pizza - it's AWANA night!

Thursday - I am attending a Christmas Tea with a friend of mine so the boys are on their own with Darryl :-)  I might just have some Frozen Lasagna for them to cook and eat :-)