Saturday, March 29, 2014


Ten Things I'd like to do on my Saturday:

1) Sleep in . . .. if only my kids would sleep past 7:00!  It is a little better now that they are slightly older because, once they have their "Chocolate Milk and Pop tart" for breakfast and the cartoons are on, they are pretty content and only wake me up again "just" as I've drifted back off to sleep. .. every single time for the next hour.  Then I give up and get out of bed HA!

2) Get McDonald's Breakfast . . .. the boys and I would do this last summer but now we have one car again and Darryl's working so I'll settle for breakfast at home and am thankful for my Kerig.

3) Stay in Pajama's.  Ok, who am I kidding, I do this every Saturday right now HA!  Summer is coming though and then, I will NOT want to stay in my PJ's but rather, my most comfy shorts and t-shirt.

4) NOT clean.  For Real.  But for some reason I always end up cleaning like crazy.  I think it is because I don't have the extra kids which means it is much easier to get things done. Plus I always have some cleaning project that needs to get done.

5) Scrapbook.  Well, if I didn't clean, I COULD scrapbook!

6) Watch a Movie.  Do Cartoons count?  Because my kids don't like movies.  Uuuggg!  I'm looking forward to when we have a DVD player set up in the playroom for the boys with a TV so they can watch stuff in there and THEN maybe I can watch Anne of Green Gables on a cool, rainy Saturday!

7) NOT cook.  Ok, I don't.  :-)  If Darryl is working, as he has been most Saturdays, the boys and I usually have frozen pizza for lunch and then Darryl and I  order in for dinner.  That all counts as NOT cooking!

8) Take a Nap.  HA!  I will admit, kicking back on our fabulous new sofa and closing my eyes for just a little bit, listening to my favorite Pandora Station with some headphones is a wonderful treat. 

9)  Plan a few games with the kids.  The boys love to play games and, even though really, it is not my ultimate favorite thing, I do have fun with them and hearing them chatter on and on.  So I don't mind playing a few rounds of trouble with them.  And sometimes I even win ;-)

10) Prepare for Church.  This might seem odd but I find getting everything ready for Sunday is actually refreshing.  Having clothes picked out, the bag packed with our Bibles and whatever else we need means that Sunday morning generally runs much smoother.

How do you spend your Saturday?