Sunday, December 24, 2017

Our Week in photos #25

Sorry I've missed a few posts but between lots of sickness and the busy days of December, it just has been hard to keep up!  Here's a look back at the last two weeks!

 Two weeks ago, we headed out to get our tree.  The boys got to help Darryl cut it down. 
The boys :-)  
 Having fun in the trees :-)  

 We took time to drive around to all of the homes "competing" in the Festival of Lights and check out the lights.  This house was my favorite.  It was a very fun night and we got the opportunity to see so many pretty decorations! 
 And this finally happened - a snow storm!  We ended up with about a foot of snow by the time it was done.  The kids enjoyed playing outside and they also helped a lot with shoveling! 

 Gingerbread houses!  This is a fun tradition that we all enjoy. 
 Nate's house. 
 Josh's House. 
 This is Josh's snowman that he built all by himself.  (Just a little bit of help lifting up that middle snowball!) We thought we had charcoal but actually had real wood charcoal pieces that we had to make work! 
 We visited the library to hear Santa read a story and make some crafts. 
 The boys in the Michigan State Police shirts they got as a gift from my brother :-) 
 Our pretty Christmas tree! 
 This is a picture of the picture taken at the Library.  Nate would not get a picture done BUT he did have a full conversation with Santa about Pokemon. 
 Of course we had to make and decorate Christmas cookies too! 
 At that's what has kept us busy the last few weeks.  We had to miss a few things - visiting my in-laws for a Christmas Cantata, Darryl's family Christmas, and my choir concert.  Yet, I feel like we have some great family time and we are looking forward to the festivities over the next few days.