Sunday, December 22, 2013

Things my Kids Say (and do!)

First up, I want to wish Nate a very Happy Birthday!  Hard to believe that little guy turns 4 today!

* The boys and I made cookies last weekend - Peanut Butter Kiss cookies.  On Sunday, I was putting some in storage bags to add to neighbor goodie plates this week when I noticed that all of the tips were gone on the Kisses.  At first I just thought they melted like that until I took a closer look . .. and discovered teeth marks on every single cookie. Yes, the boys had bitten the tops off of ever single Kiss on every cookie.  Seriously???

* The boys and I were outside shoveling snow and hanging some lights on Sunday.  We were finally done and heading back around the house when Josh laid down in the snow and said, "Mom, I just ran out of gas, you will need to pull me back to the house." LOL

*Nate will get sick if he drinks our water (don't worry, we are getting a new well) so one night, after drinking bath water and getting an upset tummy, he told us that the people that live in his stomach, choke on the water and then make him choke.  I had a hard time not laughing especially as the story grew to a whole house living in his stomach with a mom and dad that look just like his real mom and dad.  :-)

*I recently asked Josh if he was 15 (because he was acting like a teenager) and he very seriously replied, "No mom, not yet, I'm really only 6".  Now what makes that even more funny is that he is only 5 but ARGUES with us that he is 6.  :-) 

* I mentioned in yesterdays post that the boys love Dot-to-Dot books right now . . .so much so that this is what I found one day last week: 

 Yes, dots.  Everywhere.  His face, hands, legs, feet.  Thankfully it was washable marker but I will say it sure was hard to take him seriously all day long - especially when he got mad about something . . .it just made me want to laugh!
And.  .. . .the latest Train Circle - they boys had a lot of fun with some new train supplies :-)