Saturday, September 28, 2019

Our Week in Photos #36

We had a great week!  Here's a look at in photos!

On Saturday, we were able to spend time with my brother, Kel and sister-in-law, Deb at my mom's.  We celebrated their Birthdays with some amazing Blueberry Pie! 

 We then went to the campground for their trick-or-treating!  I don't like to give away the boys costumes until we get closer to Halloween.  It was fun because Kel and Deb got to walk around with Josh and Nate. 

After that, the boys and I stuck around and went through the Haunted House and rode the Haunted Wagon Ride.  

On Sunday, we went to church and then watched Football at my mom's together with Kel and Deb.  It was great to just be with family for the day. 

Monday - Darryl had to have a procedure on his ear drum so he and I got to spend some time in Grand Rapids together all day.  It was actually  a nice date day.

Tuesday - We were supposed to go camping but due to issues with Darryl's ear that he is dealing with we decided that would should cancel and instead took off for the day as a family. 

 Our day started by playing the "Left/Right" game.  Basically you turn left at the first road, right on the next one and so on.  We set a timer for an hour and did just that!  We drove down roads we have never been on and saw some beautiful scenery!  Amazingly, we ended up at Fallsburg Park and got to see the covered bridge!  

 A very nice couple stopped and offered to take our photo.  She said her husband saw us and wanted to offer!  
After the timer went off, Josh then wanted to pick a restaurant for lunch that we had never eaten at so he asked google maps. "Restaurants near me" and found BC Pizza.  It was perfect!  It has a great lunch buffet and we plan to go back! 

From there we headed to our favorite place - Muskegon State Park.  Yes, the boys really went into the very cold water and had a blast in the waves (don't worry, they weren't allowed to go out past their knees!) Darryl and I enjoyed sitting on the beach, listening to the waves.  I think we sat there for two hours. 
Finally, we headed to Bernie O's.  Our favorite Pizza Place.  Now, truth be told, Darryl and I weren't feeling "pizza" but the kids were planning on stopping so we did!  We tried the wings, fries and onion rings - all of which were super good! 

The rest of the week was quiet.  Wednesday and Thursday we did lots of schooling.  Friday, our Co-op was cancelled so we stayed home and just had a quiet day at home.  

Looking ahead, I think we have another fairly quiet week coming too!