Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ABC Wall - well, at the start of the wall

Back in January I posted an idea on my Too Cute Not To Toot post about making an alphabet wall.  The idea comes from jenni bowlin studio inspiration and here is the inspiration photo:
Isn't that just awesome?  My first "job" was figuring out where to do this project.  I finally decided to do it next to the boys growth chart in our only "hallway" in our house.  Here is what mine looks like so far:
Doesn't that look awesome?  Yes, only 4 letters.  This is a slow project for me.  I actually have letters E, F, and G in the house but due to rainy weather have not spray painted them or finished them as of yet.  Even though the letters are fairly inexpensive at only $2.49 each, to buy them all is a good chunk of money.  Instead, I'm buying 3-4 each time I finish the ones I have in hand.

They are super easy to make - I just spray painted them (in brown), traced them onto scrapbook paper and then used modge podge to adhere the scrapbook paper.  To hang them I used command strips and the letters haven't fallen off yet HA!

I will post an update once the wall is complete but it could be a few months :-)