Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Fun - Week 4

Welcome to another week of Summer!  You can check out our first 3 weeks of fun by clicking HERE

Last week was a little differant because the kids were gone to Papa and Nana's house part of the week.  So the summer fun for Monday, Tuesday and Wedensday was . .. fun with Papa and Nana :-)  I know they had tons of fun and wore their grandparents out!!!  The boys came home on Wednesday and we are glad to have them home.  Yes, I LOVE my children more than anything but every once in awhile it sure is nice to have a break.  My husband and I, as I shared earlier this week, enjoy a great day out on Saturday.  We cleaned out the garage on Sunday, took apart the treadmill on Monday and moved it out on Tuesday.  Not to mention I did a lot of cleaning and organizing without any extra help ;-) LOL  We are at the front end of a forecasted heat wave so I think we will be spending lots of time in front of a fan or in the pool. 

Thursday - This day was horrible with heat - we hit 95 degrees with a heat index of 100.  We didn't do much - the boys played in the pool for awhile but then came in and just hung in front of a fan. 

Friday - Even though it was still hot, the humidity was down. I found this cute idea for ice boats over at Alphamom and thought it would be fun to make them and float them in the pool. 
 Ummm . . .yeah.  Not such a good plan.  The boats all fell over sideways.  The straws did not freeze right in the middle of the ice and the ice kinda cracked in weird places so this was kind of a "fail" HA.
 As a matter of fact, Josh said, "Mom, those are not boats, THIS is a boat" - and then he went and found that tub boat.
 He even went a step further and said that they did not belong in the pool - he promptly removed his and put it on the steps.
Nate is like, "What is the world IS this thing?" LOL  Oh well.  In the end, we ended up just playing in the water.  The boys had fun dumping buckets of water on me since I accidently filled the pool with COLD water (yes it was COLD!!) and in the end, Josh ended up letting the giant ice cubes melt just enough and he ate them instead :-)  

This week  should be fun - I've finalized my July plans - I'm throwing in more "pool" days on the calendar - in this heat, the pool is the most fun thing and I've also realized we don't have to do a NEW thing each day, we just need to do something. 

I will confess, the library program has totally fallen off the radar.  It's too warm to load the boys up in the middle of the afternoon for the weekly activity and we aren't doing a lot of reading - we all prefer to sit in our own chairs with our own fans :-)