Saturday, November 15, 2014

Family Fun - A Bus Ride and Children's Museum

We have been enjoying doing some things as a family recently - things that we really haven't been able to do for over a year.  This past weekend was no exception! 

Our adventures began with a bus ride.
 There is a new bus line in town and it is supposed to be faster than the normal bus.  It's called the Silver Line and, I will admit, it ended up being kinda cool.  We drove into town and parked at the first bus stop.  The boys were very excited to sit outside in the cold and wait!  For two boys who love all sorts of transportation AND their Dad who is all about things that move, well, this was a "dream" come true HA! 
 Two of my very excited three "boys" :-)  I have never, ever seen Josh make that face and I have no idea where it came from . . .weird. LOL
My little buddy, Nate.  He is such a thinker and had all kinds of ideas about the bus, the stops and all the buildings we saw along the way. 

The bus dropped us off fairly close to the Children's Museum - the boys also loved being able to walk "downtown" - all things little boys dream off, for sure!  Our local library offers a free pass to the library once a year so we took advantage of that as well.  (I love free!)

 I told Darryl that, for the first time at this museum, I actually enjoyed myself.  Why?  Because the boys could just "go" and we just kept them in our sights.  Unlike when they were Toddlers were I need to stay right with them, this time around they got to explore.  Nate was like a ping pong ball; trying to keep him in my sights was a challenge :-)  He treated the museum like it was his home away from home and tried everything.  Josh hung out with Darryl and tended to stick with one thing for a long time before moving on to something new.

 The grocery store is always a huge hit at the museum.  Nate, wow, he emptied the shelves and then had to load it all in his "trunk".  Josh was more about the check out process especially considering who the Cashier was . .. ..
 The boys favorite cashier HA!  Darryl had fun too!

 The huge bubble maker is always a hit. 
 I loved seeing this little fireman all dressed up.  Josh ended up at this play area later but I was there to get photos!  I did hear that Josh ended up laying on the doctor's table while some other kid "listened" to his heart. 

 A big theme right now is "balance" so there were balance boards and a rock wall.  Both boys loved the wall and I can see them enjoying walls like this in the future. 

After several hours, we ended out to catch the bus and promised the boys we would return.  We are considering purchasing a year long pass so that we can go once a month and I would have the option to take the kids during the week too. 

Naturally, we had to get dinner ;-)  My kids love buffets because they can chose their own food.  Our timing was off a little so we ended up hitting prime dinner time and were starving - the last thing we wanted was to wait in line for 30 minutes (or more) for dinner so, we went to Old Country Buffet.  Now, Darryl and Josh loved it.  Nate liked it and I . .well, it was ok but I hate paying for foot I can make at home . . . AND have to serve myself HA!  I did enjoy one slice of Prime Rib -the second slice was still mooing so I didn't eat that AND of all things, the ice cream machine was out for repair!  Oh well :-)

We really had an awesome day and had some tired kids by Saturday night (and tired adults too!)