Friday, February 21, 2020

Weekly Menu - A Birthday!

This weekend is Darryl's birthday!  His birthday always sneaks up on me a little after all of the craziness of the holidays and Valentine's day.  It's like, "poof" it's time to celebrate HA!  It will be low key celebration with family and then in a few weeks, he and I will enjoy a day out to celebrate him :-)

So, here's our plan for the coming week.

Friday - Darryl has an MRI tonight and it's a long day of Friday School so, honestly, it's a simple food night.  Chicken Nuggets, Pizza, or Mac and Cheese - whatever I feel like "cooking".

Saturday - It's Darryl's Day!  One of Darryl's favorites is Beef Tips and Noodles so that's on the menu!  Plus some salad and garlic bread. 

Sunday - We have a pot-luck at church for lunch.  Then for dinner we will have French Toast Sticks and Sausage.

Monday - It's TKD night :-)  Time to pull out some left over Chili from the freezer.  I'll also add some biscuits.

Tuesday - Spaghetti with my homemade sauce from the freezer and garlic bread.

Wednesday - AWANA Night - Pizza!

Thursday - Pork Loin, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, and Crescents.