Monday, October 22, 2012

Homeschool Happenings Week 8

First of all I must say Happy Birthday to my very special 4 year old today!!!  We'll be doing this to celebrate his birthday throughout the week so I'll be sharing a birthday post this weekend :-)  

This past week our learning focused more on things that we were doing each day than book learning.  Here's a look at our week!

Monday - I've figured out that I don't need to do preschool 5 days a week, 2 hours a day.  That's just crazy.  So, we don't normally do preschool on Mondays - instead we go to the grocery store (which is all about learning anyway!).  The boys usually have specific items that they are supposed to remember to get (I Help them remember!).  This week on Monday though, the boys had some building time with Darryl.

My sister-in-law picked up this huge set of Marble Works at a garage sale a few years ago and gave them to us because she remembered her brothers (my husband being one of her brothers) playing with them growing up. Well, the boys are finally hold enough to enjoy playing and building so my THREE boys spent the time before dinner making this fun tower.

Tuesday - The boys love playing games and this See and Spell activity is a favorite.  Don't judge, some days are just pajama days. 

Wednesday - Field Trip!  I've been trying to get us to the park for several weeks but due to rain, high winds, and cold temps (not to mention everyone with runny noses) it just didn't happen.  Well, today was IT!  It was 70 degrees, sunny and dry . . .well at least while we were there (It rained later in the day and rained the rest of the week!).  I'm hoping to get back to the park at least one other time . .. 

Thursday - I have to admit .. .I don't remember what we did today . . . .maybe nothing ;-)

Friday - We went to Friday school in the morning and normally I don't plan a lot on Friday afternoons other than picking up for the weekend.  But I thought I'd share these photos.
 Josh asked me to play blocks with him so how could I resist!  A week ago they went to visit their grandpa up north with Darryl and they had a little birthday party for both boys.  They each got some money so we took them to the store to pick out a gift.  Nate picked out the blocks and Josh picked out a whole bucket of play food.  Those have been the main toys this week! 

There is a story behind this little table :-)  At Friday school there is a huge table of . . ummm .. junk.  At least that is what I see normally.  It is stuff people bring to give away.  Well, this past week Josh spotted a big bag of dishes and play food.  His eyes got huge and he looked up at me and said "Look at that mom".  So I grabbed it and ignored the pretty pick dishes ;-) LOL  Let me tell you, we got home and the boys threw a tea party that lasted all afternoon and they even cleaned their floor before the day was done.  These dishes are such a huge hit.  Between the food he got for his birthday gift and this free bag of kitchen stuff, my kids are cooking up a storm! 

That's our week!