Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pay It Forward and Books for Gabe - Two Ways to Give!!

I've written about little Preslee Sullenger and what an impact her story has had on me.  Well, as her 2nd birthday approaches, her mom, Ashley, wanted to do something to "Pay it Forward".  So she, and a friend of hers whose son had also spent time in the same PICU have put together a great idea of putting together totes to leave in the rooms for the parents of the children that are brought there.  Why?  Most of the time, those parents arrive due to an emergency, as Preslee's parents did, with absolutely nothing.  These totes will contain items that they will find extremely useful.  In order to make this work - they are asking for donations from people who have been touched by the story of one or both of these little cuties.  I know I will be "Paying it Forward" because of Preslee. 

From Ashley's blog
This is the list for one basket. We learned there are actually 44 rooms, so multiply the list by 44 and we'll have what we need. :)

1 Box of Granola Bars
2 Trail Mix (Personal Size)
2 Goldfish (Personal Size)
6 Fruit Leather (At Costco you can get a box with 48 individual leathers for under $10)
Breath mints/Gum
Small Eye Drops (Visine)
3 Pens & Journal
Fleece Blanket for the parents (47" x 57" OR 42" x 52"- Try and go for the bigger one :) )
2 Pairs of Socks (preferably with grips on the bottom)
2 Toothbrushes
Small lotion (non-scented if possible)
Playing cards
Disposable Camera

If you feel there is something else you could donate that we haven't thought of, feel free to send it.

*We're in process of setting up a Paypal account, we're hoping to have it up and running in the next few days.

*All donations or packages can be sent to
Chelsea Beckstrand
1198 Pleasant View
Rexburg, ID 83440

Please note - the originally goal was 44 bags but due to the huge response already they have raised their goal to 200 bags!!  Please click here for an update with additional information and instructions.  They have created a seperate blog to keep updated about this project so make sure and check it out.  There is also now an option just to donute money toward the project as well

I also follow the Saville Family Blog and this little guy above passed away while watching TV with his brother.  He was a perfectly healthy little boy and it came as a total shock to the family.  Again, his birthday is approaching and in order to "do something" instead of just feeling the pain, his mom is organizing Books For Gabes which you can read about!  The books will be donated to a local hospital so they are looking for books for all ages of kids.  I love to read and I love reading to my kids.  Think of how books could help parents and sick little kids to pass the time in the hospital.  From personal experience, when I spent 6 weeks in the hospital - bags of books my sister-in-law brought me helped the long days go by.  (If you send the book without any correspondence, you can send it media mail which is super cheap!)

So - as Thanksgiving approaches and we focus more on giving than on getting - what are you willing to do?  I will be Paying it Forward in memory of both of these little angels.

30 Days of Thankfullness Challenge

November 2, 2010
I am thankful for Sunny Fall Skies.  Have you ever noticed, espeically in the North, how the sunny days are differant in the fall?  There is almost a golden hue to it all.  Maybe it is from the leaves turning, or the barrenness of the trees.  Maybe it is the "reflection" of the leaves on the ground or just the crispness of the air without the humidity.  But whatever it is, it makes those cool days so much brighter.  We start to see fewer sunny days as we proceed into the gray days of winter so right now, I am thankful for the Sunshine we do see!

30 Day blog Challenge - day 23

Day 23 - Favorite Vacation

Well, for me this is a repeat - just look at day 22 of the 30 Day blog Challenge - my favorite Cities!  I've been many places between vacation and missions trips but my favorite vacations have been the 2 to Vegas and the 2 to Gatlinburg with my husband.  I also love our Anniversary trips to Shippshewana. 

Sorry this post is boring :-) LOL