Monday, May 13, 2013

The Summer Version of Preschool Posts

Well, summer hit.  Wow.  Actually, we are having PERFECT summer days - not too hot, no humidity, blue skies.  The kids are outside before 8:00 AM and are out most of the day.  I'm not about to stop a 3 and 4 year old from playing outside to work on worksheets :-) (Uummm we did have some snow flurries on Sunday but that is also perfect weather for me HA)

So, here is my plan:

1) I'm going to print some theme units/letter units and file them in order I want to do them; we can use these on rainy days and really hot days.  The curriculum I've picked for the fall for each of the boys will totally build on and review what we have done this past semester.

2) Prepping art projects and other activities to do on rainy and hot days (or when they are bored!!).  These will be fairly simple but I will have all of the supplies ready, cut, etc so I can just grab the container and we can do the activity.

3)  I also will be prepping some fun outdoor stuff too - like obstacle courses, canvas painting and more.  My goal is to do at least one purposeful activity with the boys each week.  It might be learning a new outside game, playing with bubbles, shooting big squirt guns - anything to just add something new each week.

4) Prep for our "next year".  I'm trying to work towards being in a more set calendar next year so we can get used to that for Kindergarten.  With that said, I want to plan our calender with days off - I may try to do the 6 weeks on/1 week off rotation for my sanity sake but we'll see how that works out .

5) Finally, I want to get our "office" set up - it will be a place for me to do my crafts/scrapbooking as well as prep everything for home school and, sometimes we can do work at my desk in that room.  Plus my husband has requested a space in that room too so I will make sure he gets a space as well :-)

I plan on still posting on Mondays but the posts will contain the fun stuff we did as well as my prep stuff; sometimes it might just be photos of our week!