Monday, February 6, 2012

February Goals

On Monday, I recapped my January goals.  Today, I want to share my February goals.  Maybe this will inspire you or maybe it will bore you but I like to share these because I like to read others :-)  (I figure I can't be the only one!)

1. The Mantel:  Just put out the February decor - it is all made and I'll be posting pictures soon!

2. Holiday Celebrations: I would like to take the kids to a place called Play World; Mail the family birthday cards on time; Complete all of the printables that go with the birthday board I want to have created by October.

3. Date Night: Darryl's birthday is this month so my plan is to do something on the 25th.  I'm not sure if this will be a family date or not; my plans are not finalized.

4. Daily Something Special: Plan Special Activities around the Valentine's Theme - doing something daily doesn't seem to be working so I'd like to do at least 2 activities a week; Put together the February binder with all ideas I've collected; Plan our little Superbowl party with some decorations and special treats.

5. Pinterest Goals: I actually have 10 items I want to complete this month.  Four of them are recipes - three of which are for our Superbowl party.  The other 6 items are a mixture of some really quick and easy things like printing and framing something to actually sewing a few things.  Watch my weekly posts to see what I've completed and I will give a recap at months end.

6. Too Cute Ideas: I have 7 ideas from recent Too Cute posts.  Some are just printables, a few recipes, and then, again, some things I actually have to "make".  I know I won't complete them all but I couldn't narrow it down!!

7. Quite Book: This is a repeat from January - I would like to complete 2 pages in each book.

8. Celebrate Me:  I want to actually accomplish those discipline areas.  Also, after practicing for my niece's wedding, I realized how much I missed playing so my goal this month is to work on two songs and have them ready to play.

9. Misc Items: Work on my nephews books and get them sold; Design/create march Mantel items

10. House Items: Prime and Paint the kitchen!!!!!!

11. Scrapbooking: Complete 2011 Digitally; make sure everything is uploaded and ready to order when I can order it; Finish my "old" photos; Complete January 2012 Traditionally; Update the boys books; Finish Nate's baby book!

Yes, in case you are wondering, there is way more on this list then I can accomplish in one month but the variety allows me room to accomplish things that I want.  Sometimes, things that look good at the beginning of the month, lose their appeal by the middle of the month.  When I under plan, I tend to do nothing - I'm an over planner :-)