Saturday, September 29, 2018

Our Week in Photos #46

This was a busy week for us!

 On Saturday we spent the afternoon at the campground.  There was a cute petting zoo where this super adorable Donkey.  She was my favorite. 

 We also spent a few hours in the pool :-) It was a near perfect day! 
 The boys put on their costumes and did trick-or-treating around the campground.  It was a great evening with the sun setting and the weather was perfect plus they got full bags of candy. 
 This is proof of a great day - a kid sound asleep on the couch before I could even get him in the shower! 
 On Sunday we went to Darryl's concert. 

 On Thursday the boys had their well child checks in the morning (they are both well and both children HA!) In the afternoon our local 911 dispatch office had a customer appreciation day so we went to see all of the vehicles. (Kind of like a big touch-a-truck event)  
We ended our week at Friday School where Josh got to work on his science experiment.