Friday, July 1, 2016

Weekly Menu - It's 4th of July!

Can you believe that we are at the unofficial halfway point of summer (or it is official . . .).  I can't.  June was busy which made it go fast.  We have some family stuff planned over the weekend and I think the kids will end up being with my mom for a few days too.  So, here's my half way planned - little bit sketchy menu.

Friday - After leftovers and eating stuff to clean out the cupboards/fridge and freezer I figure I need to plan something.  So, to keep things simple (and tasty) burgers on the grill, fries w/cheese sauce, and fried zucchini. Tonight is also our town fireworks so we also have Monkey Bread, Goldfish, and popcorn!

Saturday - My mother-in-law is hosting her annual 4th of July picnic so we are heading there for the day.  I think I'll make the Summer Corn Salad that we love, Cucumbers in Vinegar because I love them, Chips and Dip, and some sort of dessert.

Sunday - Monday - We will be at my mom's house.  My brother, Ken, and his family will be there too so we are having a picnic on Monday.  I'm making the Strawberry Pretzel Salad.

Tuesday - Thursday - I think the boys will be staying with my mom for a few days so . . .you know what that means :-)  I won't be cooking!! (Seriously, one night, we are going to our favorite Mexican place!!)

I think after this week, we will have some semi-normal weeks throughout July.