Thursday, December 12, 2013

Weekly Menu - The week with a Birthday Party

After months of dealing with my husband's stomach issues and him not being able to eat much of anything, guess who got an awful case of the stomach flu that had lasting effects past a week?  ME!  Uuugg!  I have so lost any desire to cook.  We are eating Cream of Wheat, Frozen Waffles, eggs, and crackers.  Seriously.  My "poor" kids are eating surviving on Mac and Cheese, Hot Dogs, and PB and J.  It just is not fun to cook when no one eats it!!  Darryl and I have always been normal foodies (meaning we don't eat weird stuff) but right now, we can hardly eat normal stuff!  Here's our menu for this coming week :

Friday - Darryl and I were talking the other day about how all of my "staples" are out of commisison right now - thinks like Chili, Lots of Soups, Sloppy Joes . . . . he can't eat any of them.  I miss them.  It would be different if my boys were 15 and ate everything I made but it seems kind of useless to make a huge pot of Chili that only I eat!  Anyway, I've decided to go ahead with Taco Night tonight.  We haven't had them in awhile.  Darryl can eat most of the taco fixings especially if I shred some chicken for him without seasoning. 

Saturday - We are celebrating Nate's birthday today with the grandparents so it is his choice - ready?  Mac and Cheese.  Yep, that is what he wanted.  Now, I am adding a little more to it ;-)  We'll add Chili Dogs with Chili from our favorite Coney Place by my parents.  Some chips and I'm going to make "Ken's Fruit Salad".  In thinking about Darryl, I'm going to have some cheese and crackers too. Of course, we'll also have dessert - cupcakes :-)

Sunday - I am planning to head to town after church to finish up some shopping so we'll have a roast, potatoes and Carrots right after church so I can hit the road.  I'm not really a "Sunday" shopper but our Saturday's are busy and by the time Darryl gets home, for me to turn around and go back to town - it just makes it too late.

Monday - I'm miss my homemade soups!!!  I think I'll make Chicken and Dumplings . . . .and bread.  Hopefully it won't bother our stomachs!

Tuesday - And what do I always make after Chicken and Dumplings?  Some homemade Chicken and Noodle Soup.

Wednesday - Breakfast :-)  Eggs, Toast, Hashbrowns, and fruit sounds good!

Thursday  - Oven roasted Pork Loin, Potatoes, Green Beans and biscuits.