Monday, January 7, 2019

Back To School

Today we return to school after about 2 1/2 weeks off.  It's been wonderful.  The boys and I worked really, really hard the week of December 17th to not only finish all of the work scheduled for that week but also to push ahead and complete just a couple of extra lessons so that I was comfortable not returning to school until today.  Technically school resumed on Thursday but I know between it being the end of the week and our little friends still being with us all day as they also return to school today that there was no way we would do school on that Thursday!

We have two weeks until the end of first semester so we will be pushing hard to accomplish all that is required.  Using the online program does force our hand a little because there are actual deadlines.  There is coursework that is required to be done so we will make sure it is done!  Outside of regular daily lessons, Nate has one paper to finish up while Josh has one paper, a social studies project and 3 reading journals.  My goal is to have the extra work done by Friday so we are just wrapping up lessons.  The good thing is that next week we just have a handful of lessons to finish and we will be done.

Our Homeschool Co-op picks back up in just under two weeks also.  This semester will be different as alot of the boys friends are taking the semester off.  Josh will actually be one of the oldest kids this time around which is odd since he is only 10!  I think we are all ready to get back together with friends though.

In all honestly, I find it hard to believe we are almost at the halfway point of school.  To make it worse, the second semester always goes faster!  I like to push to have as much of our work done by May 15th as I can so we can enjoy an early start to summer break.  (Who wants to do school when the weather is perfect!)