Sunday, September 30, 2012

October Goals


Holy Smokes!  It's October!!!  Whoa.  Where did January-September go?  Ok, wait, June, July and most of August crawled by due to the heat melting the hands on the clock but shoot, where did September go?? 

Lets recap September: 
1. The big room switch - Guess what? It is DONE!!  I've already posted about the classroom and the master.  The post about the boys room will be coming out next week!!

2. House Projects - My goal was to mark 4 things off the list - well, we finished the master and the boys room so that marked off more than 4 items :-)

3. Scrapbooking - I have not updated my project list or done anything else except get all photos ordered through August.

4. Homeschool - we did ok in September.  I'm still working on a perfect system but we are slowly getting there.

5. Potty Training - uugg.  that's all

6. Celebrations - I've written in the things we want to do as a family and am working on making sure I/we get to the parents a little more.  I was just there last Tuesday and had a great visit.

7. Landscaping - I took photos of the outside :-)

Moving on to October

1. Celebrations - this has moved to the top because we are coming into some busy months for birthdays and Christmas.  So, this month I will focus on making sure that Josh's birthday is great, make plans for Christmas, and make plans for Nate's birthday.  I also need to get our outfits picked out for our Christmas card photo/Christmas outfits.  Of course, there is also Halloween :-)

2.  Potty Training - Here we go again - we will survive this and we will succeed!

3. Homeschool - The goal this month is to get into a routine with Homeschool and accomplish our goals each week.

4. House Projects - the goal is to accomplish 2 items on the list this month.

5. Scrapbooking - Again this month I want to update my list, work up a budget plan to get pages printed and the goal is to get all of May and June scrapbooked this month.

6.  Landscaping - This is research month.  Research various plants and flowers and trying to narrow down what I'd like to plant.

I will be honest, I've kind of lost my focus on my "Celebrate" goal this year.  I am thinking of a new theme word next year and what I would like to accomplish.  I feel like I've kind of floundered this year and didn't really plan well.  Oh well - we all have an "off" year :-)

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