Saturday, February 28, 2015

Family Fun - Darryl's Birthday

Darryl's birthday was this past weekend and we had a little fun celebrating this yearly milestone.

His celebration started on Thursday since we had no kids :-)  They went to stay with my parents for a few days so we enjoyed a dinner favorite of Dill Shrimp Pasta and relaxing in a quiet house.  Friday did not go as planned as we woke up at 3:00 am (When Darryl gets up for work) to find that we had frozen pipes.  Well, most specifically one pipe - all of about 12 inches of it -  but it was the pipe coming from the well which meant that we had zero water.  We spent Friday trying to get that taken care of and were thankful when the plumber showed up at about 3:00 pm and fixed it in about 10 minutes.  So then, we went to dinner at the Chinese Buffet and enjoyed a tasty, relaxing meal.  I had Saturday planned out for some fun.  We started by heading out to our new favorite Mexican Restaurant for a fabulous lunch before heading to Birch Run for some outlet shopping.  We enjoyed wondering through some stores and picking up some good deals.  Once done there, we headed to the movies and saw McFarland - I highly recommend it!  Since our lunch was so filling, we opted for some diner food for dinner and headed to our favorite Coney Island to get some awesome food before arriving at my parents house.  It was a great day for sure!

Sunday was Darryl's actual birthday.  The boys were very excited about the big day. !

 We enjoyed a great Taco Bar at my parents house after church.  My sister-in-law and nephews and niece joined us.  After dinner came the Carrot Cake!

 The boys gave Darryl their gifts that they picked out for him - they were super cute as they explained each of their gifts. 

 The family!
The Hat was a true favorite and still is :-)  I will admit that Nate looks the cutest in it but Darryl isn't have bad :-)

Overall it was a great weekend :-)