Friday, April 17, 2015

Weekly Menu - The one without kids (yep!)

So, my mother-in-law has been wanting to take the boys for a few days and the timing just worked out for her to take them this coming week.  Darryl and I always enjoy some "fine" eating while the boys are gone and this coming week is no exception.

Saturday - This is Darryl's night to "cook" - so that just means that we eat out or order in :-)

Sunday - We are taking the boys to my in-laws after church.  I'm assuming we'll be eating lunch at their house.  For dinner, we are going to pick up some good steaks and enjoy our first grilled meal.  I have a couple of salad recipes I want to try so maybe I'll make up a new Pasta Salad Recipe to go with it along with some crusty bread.

Monday - Tonight we'll eat out - something local since I also have choir practice but even heading to Applebees for 1/2 price burgers is a treat :-)

Tuesday - Tonight we will head out to a favorite - either our favorite Mexican place or, if we feel daring, we'll try the highly recommended Italian place right next door to the Mexican place!

Wednesday - My parents are coming over today to attend something for the boys - but the boys will be coming with my in-laws.  I'm thinking about just doing sandwich fixin's and salads.

Thursday - Last week I did not make a meal - the Pork in the crock pot so the plan is to make that tonight along with rice and a veggie and, of course, rolls.

Friday - Tonight is the AWANA Carnival.  We'll be playing and eating at church!