Sunday, January 12, 2014

Things My Kids Say

* Laying down for bed one night, Josh situated himself so the top of his head was equal with Darryl's.  Then he said, "Look Dad, I'm as tall as you, my legs just need to grow to be as long as yours." HA!

*Saying prayers one night before bed, I was praying for God to continue to help Josh and Nate to grow into kind, caring boys . . .when Josh's voice piped up, "Just like Kings!".  I almost busted a gut  . . .he always has a comment, yes he does.

*After the boys were in bed one evening, Josh came out carrying his clock (a digital one, mind you) and handed to me then said, "Mom, I need to leave this out here.  It is going "tick, tock, tick, tock, tick tock in my brain and I can't sleep."  I tried not to laugh.  Then he came out 5 minutes later with Nate's clock and said, "This one is (insert snoring noise) and keeping me awake".  I think he was really just checking to see if we were eating a good snack.

*Being locked in the house for days on end due to the cold makes my boys a little rambunctious.  They piled all of the couch cushions (including two from the loveseat downstairs) in a tower on the couch upstairs and proceeded to jump off of it.  Nate would jump from the top, land hard on the floor, and then say, "Nope, no broken ankles.  My bones are strong so I can jump and not break anything."  Can you guess how many times I've said, "You are going to break your ankle if you keep doing that" hahaha

* I keep chapstick in a drawer in the kitchen for the kids to use, specifically Nate, because he loves chips and crackers and the salt makes his lips dry.  So, while eating chips and salsa one night he discovered the chap stick was gone so he asked to me to make sure and buy some "Chap Lips" for him at the store to put on his lips.  :-) hahaha Chapped lips. . . .