Saturday, June 2, 2018

Our Week In photos #40 (or Not . . )

My camera has stayed in its case lately.  There really isn't a reason other than we haven't been doing a lot of photo worthy activities.  So what have we been doing?

 1) We wrapped up school.  In reality we could have been done 2-3 weeks ago but we had a few final things that just kept hanging on BUT we finished all the details on Tuesday of this past week.
2) We've been taking care of Darryl.  He has back issues and about a week and a half ago he had some major muscle spasms start and that caused horrible pain and made him pretty immobile for a few days.  We are thankful that he can start back to work and are praying that it continues to heal.  

3) We've been watching a lot of movies.  It's been ranging in the 90's this past week so no one wants to play outside.  Instead, we've streamed some movies and enjoyed them all.  
4) There are been some epic Pokemon battles (I really don't get it either HA) between the boys from across the street and Josh and Nate.  
5) And, of course, Swimming.  The boys seem to be more entertained in the pool this year.  Josh is a really strong swimmer and I've noticed tons of improvement in his strength level in the pool which is great.  That makes playing games more fun because he doesn't need me to help support him.  Nate is still working on his swimming strength but what he is great at is swimming on his back.  

So, yes we are enjoying our summer already!