Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Fun - Week 7

To catch up on the first 6 weeks of summer, click HERE

Holy Hotness Batman, summer can end anytime; I'm ready for fall and even for a blizzard or two.  Sheesh.

So this week started out . . well . . hot.  Another 100 degree down in the record books and I'm really tired of breaking records.  Actually, if I HAD records, I think they would have melted.  As much as I'd like to say that we did great things this week, we didn't . .. we sat in front of fans a lot and watched a lot of cartoons. 

Monday - Our summer fun was a trip to the dentist :-)  Josh had his first dentist appointment and it went well once he got in the chair.  The hygienist was fabulous and he did everything he was asked.  His teeth are fantastic and healthy :-)  PLUS the office had great A/C :-) LOL  After we left there we drove around for a bit and then got McDonalds for lunch as a treat for being so good at the dentist (well, they just knew it was for lunch - I'm trying NOT to teach my kids that they get rewards like that but they will figure it out eventually HA!) In the afternoon, the boys wanted to color - I got out paper and markers for them - they never color on anything except paper . . .until today.  I was sitting just a few feet from them at my desk when I turned and saw Nate coloring all over himself HA!  Josh spent a long time tracing his hand - by the time he was done doing it over and over, his hand was covered in marker.  Don't worry - it was all washable - it came off of them AND their clothes :-)

Tuesday - We melted.  Seriously.  I looked at a few options for the day but they all included loading three toddlers into the truck, loading up the stroller, driving 45 minutes away, unloading same three boys and stroller before even getting somewhere semi-cool where it would take this chicka a good hour to stop sweating.  If I'm going to sweat, I might as well be at home in front of fan.  The heat doesn't seem to impact the littles as much - we just didn't go outside; not even to the kiddie pool.  By the time it is full of "cool" water . . well, the water is hot from the heat!  So, this was what we did to stay cool.  The boys have discovered my water bottle - between the three of us, we drank about 4 of those.  Fans are our best friends :-)

Wednesday - It was horrid hot.  Nothing was done on this day.  Nothing. 

Thursday:  Talk about unexpected fun!!!  Our neighbors had to have two trees cut down - instant entertainment for two little boys.

It was really awesome to watch.  The boys even brought their stepping stools out so they could see better over the fence.  The boys watched this intently for about 30 minutes - it took the tree cutters about 8 hours to get both trees down.   By wait, we had more unexpected fun - it rained.  A fabulous summer rain - no blowing, no storms, just rain.  The boys LOVED playing outside - they were outside for well over an hour.

Friday-Sunday - We went camping!!!  I'm going to write a post later this week sharing all of our fun, food, and family time but I thought I'd leave you with this one photo.

We have a busy week coming up - I'm giving myself a break from planning anything specific because I still need to finish putting everything back together after camping, we are getting a guest cat one day this week, and then we have a mini-family reunion to get ready for at the end of the week.  I do have a special treat already in the freezer to eat this week, I need to clean out the pool so that we can use it this week as well, and if I get to it, I do have one fun craft to do - but again, no pressure.