Monday, September 24, 2012

Homeschool Happenings Week 5

After going through last week, I figured out what worked or didn't work, changed my lesson plan set up, and felt much more prepared to face the week.

 When I started this process a year ago, I created lesson plan sheets that looked very similiar to what I used then I taught elementary school back in the dark ages.  I quickly figured out that it was way over done for what we needed so I took my plans and streamlined them by only giving myself three squares.  One square represents  the time slot of 10-11 AM.  This is the time frame when we do our calander time as well as our basic teaching.  (RRSP, All about Reading, and other learning activities).  One square represents the time slot of 1-2 PM and the third one, 2-3 PM.  The activity we do will determine the time slot.  It tends to be random.

Here are a few photos from our week:

What we did this week:

1) We finished up the Letter "L" unit from 1+1+1=1 Rising Rock Stars Preschool Unit.  Josh loved drawing "L's", learning how to use scissors, and learning his memory verse.
2) We did our All About Reading lesson, focusing on the letter "L".  On a side note, I did a lot of reading, thinking, and reading again trying to figure out if it would work to go out of order in this series (the book starts with .. "A" ) so that it would coincide with what we are doing with our RRSP and decided that it would be ok :-) I find this to be less confusing to my almost 4 year old at this point.
3) We did some activities from an Apple Unit created by Oopsey Daisy.  A favorite of the week was the apple counting game shown in the photos above.  We used Chocolate Chips to cover up the "Seeds" on the apples.  Both boys asked to play the apple game every single day (I think it was more for the Chocolate chips than for the math, though!)
4) We played with the Wedgits building set and loved it.  Right now, the boys just like to stack them.  The book that comes with this set is too advanced for them but I have a small additions set on my wish list that comes with a book that is more their age level so that they can learn to build. 

We did end up with a couple of days "off".  Our family got hit hard with colds this past week.  By Thursday the boys were worn down and so was I so we took a break and just played the Apple Game.  We missed Friday school because I couldn't talk without coughing!!  We watched a lot of cartoons together while I overdosed took cough medicine every hour few hours.  Thankfully, we all seem to be on the tail end of this stuff and are on the mend!

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