Thursday, June 23, 2016

Packing a "To Go" bag

Every time we travel anywhere I always think, "I wish I had a "To Go" bag that contained all of our normal toiletries that I did not have to pack and  unpack every time.  I pulled a few things together while I was driving back and forth across the state every weekend and like the ease of it so I decided to finally do this project.

First, I found a bag.  I have a ton of Thirty-one bags from a few years ago when I was in a monthly club and had to spend $31.00 a month.  (Don't ever do that because you ALWAYS spend more!!) I chose one of the few zippered bags that I have so that I could close it up and not worry about it spilling.

Second, I am in the process of purchasing full size bottles of everything we use if I don't already own an extra bottle.

Third, I found bags to use to house certain things like toothbrushes/paste, my contact things, my husbands shaving things, ect.  I had a few of the bags but had to purchase a couple things as well.  I use this pink, plastic bag for the shower.  I will fill it with our soap and shampoo and it can be easily carried to the showers as needed.

Fourth, I put it all together.

Now, this will be a rotating bag of supplies.  Very simply, when we run out of something at home, I will pull the item from the bag to use and buy a new one for the bag.  This will make sure that nothing sits in the bag for too long.  This little bag will come in so handy for everything from traveling to my moms, to camping, to last minute weekend get aways that we would love to take!  I have a home for the bag too so it always has a place to go.  The only things that have to be added to the bag when we leave is my glasses.  I even put an extra contact case in the bag so I don't have to take my normal one.