Thursday, January 2, 2020

December Goal Recap

December flew by and I never once looked back at my goals!  Amazingly, I actually accomplished some!

Here's the recap:

Here's what I'm hoping to accomplish this month!

1. Scrapbook January 2019 completely. -- Not done.  I did do a little scrapbooking but once the tree went up my desk was used for school and scrapbooking stuff got put away. 

2. Do Christmas activities each week with the boys - I've searched pinterest for fun, easy ideas and now I just have to follow through.  Not Done.  Well, I did make out a great plan and even printed the ideas/activity sheets for week one but, honestly, we were pushing so hard in school we didn't have a lot of extra time.  

3. Write my 2020 goals. Not Done (yet)! 

4. End December current on school work.  When we come back after Christmas break we will have about 2 1/2 weeks left in the semester to wrap things up. Done! We did end current and have to hit it hard for the last few weeks of the semester but then, we are taking a week off (actually we are taking 2 days off - the rest of the days are schedule school break/teacher in service days. )

5. Have all Christmas gifts wrapped by December 21st.  Why?  Nate's birthday is the 22nd and then we are onto Christmas week and I want zero stress. I was almost done.  I finished up wrapping on Monday the 23rd!! 

6. Finances - this goal stays the same . . .trying to just track everything all month.  It does help curb extra spending when I have to write it down!  I count this as a success.  I was very intentional with stretching funds where I could. 

7.  Take care of that random black bin in the bathroom from last month HA! Not Done. Well, it's half done.  Nate got a display board for his belts so half the things are out of the bin! 

8. Get our Christmas tree and decorate it! Done! 

9. Make some Christmas cookies - ideally I'd like to make a couple of new cookie recipes - true Christmas style cookies but even just to make some cookies might be nice! Done! I did make some cookies - just not anything new! 

10. Celebrate Nate's birthday - the plan is already in place, now just to enjoy his day. Done! 

11. Practice my song for our Christmas Eve Service. Done!

12. Make one of the White Hanger Snowflakes that are the rage of the Internet right now.  I'm hoping that if they as easy to make they appear that I can make several to use as outdoor decor next year. Nope, never happened! 

13. Hang up Nate's race track on the wall downstairs. We took it out of his room and just need to hang it downstairs where there is more room! Nope!  Still need to do this! 

14. Work on my song for when I sing in January.  The more I practice, the less nervous I am :-) Still need to practice :-) 

15. Focus on Flylady's "Home Blessing Hour" each week - not deep cleaning, not special projects, just doing some Home Blessing each week so the house looks nice :-) Done :-) 

16. Take my dog to get his nails clipped.Maybe in January! 

17. Mail my Christmas Cards.Done! 

18. Repair the boys Milk Jug Snowmen - it is a project we made several years ago and a few of the pieces have fallen off so I need to repair them! Not Done! 

19. Well, I usually try to do 19 goals but I have nothing for number 19!!  Imagine that!  Oh well, I can handle 18 :-)