Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Happy Halloweeen!  I feel like it is a little anti-climatic this year since the boys have already Trick-or-Treated three different times!  Once at my mom's campground in September, once when we camped in October and then just last week at our local Harvest Fest but THIS is the real thing!  Where we suffer through wind, rain, freezing temps - whatever the weather throws at us all of the sake of candy that, quite honestly, my kids will never eat.  It will sit in their candy buckets in their room for an eniter year when we will throw it out and start over HA! (For real!)

So here are my cuties!  Nate is Godzilla and Josh is Enderman from MineCraft.  I

If you want to see what they were in the past, check out this POST I shared just a short while ago where I went back to find pictures of them from each year since year one!  So much fun!