Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Too Cute Not To Toot!

The first idea this week is just that, an idea.  Who would have thought to hang a "command hook" upside down?  Well, the blog author over at Lemonade did and it's a great way to hang wreaths.  Read her whole post to find out how she made some cute wreaths but REALLY pay attention to how she hung them :-)
I love a good party and I love party games so when  I saw this idea for a punch box from Acasarella I had to share.  It does look like it is a little bit of work but I think if you made it sturdy enough you could use it over and over again.
Ok, so I still need to do a coat rack in my kitchen for our every day coats.  Especially with winter around the corner.  I really like this idea from The Sweet Survival using faucets - well it is too cute to pass up!
This next idea, from Family Love Home, is fantastic.  I've been searching for some creative way to keep the books I want the kids reading off the shelf for the week but also off the floor (because they will have a home).  I can't wait to make this!
I know I shared this idea before (Probably about this time last year) but it is too much fun not to share again.  The idea comes from Burton Avenue and I also know that I said I wanted to make it to use this year for decoration but, lets keep it real, that never happened.  This year?  Shoot, it is almost October and I haven't even cracked open my box of fall decor yet!
That's all for this week.  Hope you are enjoying your fall and getting lots of crafting done!