Sunday, November 23, 2014

Things my Kids Say

* We were talking about having a a nerf gun fight when Josh got upset because, well, he didn't want to be "shooted" :-) LOL 

* Josh, as I've said before, loves to be in charge.  After an especially trying morning with all three boys, I finally said to Josh, "You are not the adult, you are not in charge.  You are the kid and you cannot tell the other boys what to do - that is my job.  Some day, when you are an adult, you can be the boss."  He went crying into his room where I heard, "It will take so long to be an adult!"

* We have a rule that in order to play the piano, hands must be washed first.  Well, I got home from the store the other night and the boys "tattled".  They told me that Daddy played the piano without washing his hands.  Josh then told me that he told Darryl that he was wrong and he must wash his hands or I would send him to time out when I got home.  It gets better . .. I then asked if Darryl listened to him and Josh said he had to because when I'm gone, he (Josh) is the boss. hahahahahaha  The boy - he will be a leader someday!!