Friday, December 13, 2019

Weekly Menu

I find it hard to believe that we are pushing towards the end of 2019.  I enjoy this time of year so much for sure!  Yet I am always amazed at how quickly it all goes!  If I don't stay intentional with everything, it slips right by for another year.

Of course, we still have to eat so here's the plan!

Friday - Darryl and I are going on a date day.  So I plan on keeping dinner simple.  I'm assuming we will be home for dinner but if not, I'm just going to have supplies for spaghetti on hand.  I can always use spaghetti for lunch next week :-)

Saturday -  I've been craving Chili (maybe because it has gotten really cold!) so that's the plan today.  My mom also gave me a great cornbread mix that I'm going to make to go with it.

Sunday - Today is my Christmas Concert with the choir.  To keep it simple - Chili Dogs and Chips.

Monday -  Nate has Tae Kwon Do testing tonight so we are all going.  Dinner needs to be super simple.  I'll probably have leftover Chili while the boys will have Chicken Nuggets.

Tuesday - Josh has been begging me for homemade pizza again so that's the plan.  Darryl and I have a favorite chicken alfredo pizza that I don't make often because it is super rich but I think I might make that one for us and Josh's "light cheese" pizza.

Wednesday - it is AWANA night - Frozen Pizza!

Thursday - I am going out to dinner with our Leadership Team so the Darryl needs a simple dinner.  I think if I have Sloppy Joes ready, that will be perfect.

As we come to the end of this week, we will be looking forward to Nate's birthday, Christmas, Darryl's Family Christmas, and New Years!  Wow!