Saturday, April 11, 2015

family FUn - Metro Beach

 On March 22nd, we headed out for our annual trip to Metro Beach where Darryl and I got engaged many years ago.  This year, the weather was pretty nice - we didn't freeze to death :-)  The boys love walking on all of the walls all around the park.  We headed out fairly early so that we could stop and pick up a rental car.  Our truck went into the shop a couple days prior to our planned trip (something we were NOT planning for but leaking transmission fluid is not a good thing!); we decided instead of taking Darryl's car, we would rent a vehicle for the day and it was wonderful.  Nothing better than driving an almost brand new car with lots of bells and whistles!  Our first stop once we are in town is National Coney Island for lunch.  I love their Hani Sandwich and Chili Cheese Fries.  Once done with lunch we headed to the beach :-)

 Nate enjoyed posing for me. 

 Joshua exploring every single wall no matter how high!
 When we got engaged, we took a photo in this same spot and have gotten one every year since . .. jus tnow we have kids!
 Another tradition, Darryl doing a chin-up (or attempting . . . .)

 The boys love being able to play at the playground. 
 Our rental car :-) 

We also always take a photo of our rings :-) 

From the park our next stop is Morely's Candy Factory.  This stop gets more fun each year because the boys love to pick out a few favorites.  Then, this year, we decided to take in a movie.  We got to see Paddington and it is our new favorite movie! 

It was a great day as a family :-)