Sunday, April 29, 2018

Spotify Fun

Nate has dreams.  He dreams of having his own band someday so he is totally engrossed in picking out songs for his band.  He asked me about an App on my I-pad when we were looking for things to delete to make room for a different game he wanted.  The App was Spotify and when I told him that he could create his own playlist and then it would play all the songs he wanted . .. well, he was hooked.   He made a playlist of 36 songs that his band is going to play someday and he will sit for a long time just listening to the music.  I love it on so many levels.  He loves music and he loves Christian Music.  There is nothing better than listening to your kids sing about Jesus! 

Well, he doesn't only have the latest Christian Hits, he also loves songs by Steven Curtis Chapman, Micheal W. Smith and Chris Rice so I thought I'd share an oldie but a goody with you today!   Enjoy this fun song!