Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bike Helment Fun

Last weekend was a beautiful, sunny, way too hot warm weekend so we spent some time outside on Saturday working on bikes.  I was able to pick up a fantastic bike for the boys from a friend for, well, a steal to be quite honest.  It was a little bigger than I thought it was so our plan of putting training wheels on it did not go as planned.

We went through three sets of training wheels trying to get them on the new bike only one pair worked and they barely worked.  I made multiple trips to the store to buy and return training wheels before we just gave up!  They have to learn to ride without training wheels before they can ride the new bike.

 Waiting patiently to ride his new bike.
 We thought the training wheels were all set and then Nate starting riding it . .. oops!
 Trying once again to fix the bike. 
 On one of the trips to the store, the boys came with me and discovered some awesome bake helmets.  They were not on the purchase list but they were just too cute to not buy.  Josh even wore his while playing Pac Man . . just to be safe!

 Amazingly, we convinced the child totally against change, Josh, to start riding a bike without training wheels.  I'm still not sure how that happened but it did.  We took the training wheels off the tiny bike and Josh actually managed to almost pedal and keep his feet off the ground.

 This picture made me bust out laughing when I downloaded it from the camera.  Who is that kid in the background? LOLOL  What a goofball!

 And a glimpse of spring :-)  My flowers are slowly starting to open . . .making me realize how sad my little flower garden areas are and that they need some work!