Saturday, July 27, 2019

Our Week in Photos #29

Here's a look back at our week!

On Saturday Nate participated in an all day Theater class. I hoping the video would be posted by now so I could share it but it hasn't been posted.   The rest of our weekend was spent without power!

 On Monday, Nate got his hair cute :-)  I love his cut!  He got daring and let her use the clippers on one side and it just is so awesome!  
I know this is hard to believe after the death heat of a week ago but on Monday it was actually too cool to go to the pool.  I know, crazy!  We enjoyed our day at home after living with no power for the weekend (well actually, we stayed at my mom's who had power so it could have been much less enjoyable HA!) 

 Tuesday was a beautifully cool, breezy morning and I just couldn't see hanging out inside on such a perfect day.  We headed to our favorite park and met up with some friends for a few hours.  Then, later in the day, the boys and I met my mom at the pool for a very relaxing, enjoyable time at the pool. 
 Nate has been helping the princess learn how to ride a bike.  Every single day she says, "Nate, will you please help me ride my bike" and every day he heads outside to help her.  

 Thursday was the Park Party with the Library.  We didn't do so well with the reading program this year - it seemed like the activities were on days we were already busy OR were geared towards younger kids BUT we enjoyed the party.  Ice cream, fire trucks, crafts, free books and pizza!  

Afterward, we headed to the pool and got a special great - Darryl had the day off and went to the pool too!  He doesn't make it to the pool very often so the boys love when he gets to go! 

On Friday, we celebrated our friends being gone on vacation (What?  There's always a reason to celebrate!).  We got pizza and pop and had a picnic at the pool before swimming for the afternoon.  A great end to a fun week!