Thursday, May 18, 2017

Weekly Menu

My mom moved into her camper this past week and we had some close to 90 days so our menu kinda took a hit.  With that in mind there are some carry over meals from last week.

Friday: Steaks on the grill, crash potatoes, Rolls and veggie

Saturday: Either a campfire with Brats and Hot Dogs OR Ham and Cheese Pockets - all depends on the weather and weather we can do a campfire!

Sunday:  Chicken and Noodles, Rolls and Salad

Monday: The boys have a game so dinner has to be fast and easy.  I think we will have tacos

Tuesday: Pizza Sliders and Salad

Wednesday:  Darryl usually has practice so we will eat out

Thursday: Spaghetti and Meatballs, Green Beans, and Garlic Bread

Now, I know that sometimes we will eat at my mom's camper and sometimes at home but for me it is easier to just plan meals.  Some of these meals can easily  transported or moved to another week.  :-)