Saturday, June 25, 2016

Family Fun - Christmas Eve and one last party for Nate

We gathered at my parents house on Christmas Eve to first celebrate Nate's birthday with the family.
 Nate got Legos from Papa and Nana and gift cards to Toys R Us from Uncle Ken and Aunt Lynnette. 
 Nana made Nate a fun cake .
 Just some family fun - I think they were playing cards.
 Later in the day, we all attending the Christmas Eve Service before returning home for a great Christmas Eve meal of snacks - our annual tradition. 
 The boys got to open their Christmas Eve gift.  (This was the best photo was I was going to get!)
 Nathan (and the photo bomber behind him HA!)
 Joshua being silly.
 Here's the deal.  Each year I get the boys new PJ's and they are supposed to put them on for Christmas Eve and then have them on Christmas morning for really cute pictures.  My plans don't always work.  Nate was already in his PJ's for the night and didn't want to change.  Oh well.
We had fun with my brother Ken's family home from South Carolina for the holiday.  We missed them since they moved away and we laughed a lot!!