Tuesday, November 9, 2010

30 Days of Thankfulness

November 9, 2010

Today, I am thankful for my brother Jeff.  Jeff is the middle brother.  He is the smart one :-)  (Seriously - he really is - not that the rest of us are dumb, but Jeff is REALLY smart!)  I used to call him when I had to take a Statistics class in Grad School.  He would have to explain whatever the teacher taught every day because I was so lost.  He is also very caring and encouraging.  Jeff is an administrator at a Christian school and, plain and simple, he is GREAT at what he does and it makes me very proud to hear what he does.  He loves his family more than anything and is a wonderful example to those around him. 

My Favorite Things Challenge

One of the blogs I follow, the "High Heeled Housewife" is hosting a blog challenge - only once a week (much easier to keep up with!)  I love the fact that she is focusing on the positive - it really is so easy to see the negative in things but when you change your mindset, you find that you are also happier in your daily life! Starting next Monday, this little link-up party will begin!!  
The High Heeled Housewife

Hi ladies! It's time for a challenge & link-up. On Mondays over the next six weeks, let's share about our favorite things. So often we spend time dreading or complaining about what we don't like to do. Instead, let's get excited about what we enjoy! Here's the schedule:

November 15: My favorite part of being a wife (or woman)
November 22: My favorite thing about my husband (or family)
November 29: My favorite household chore
December 6: My favorite part of the holiday season
December 13: My favorite part of my home
December 20: My favorite encouragement from the Bible

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 30

Day 30 - A picture

Just "a" picture?  Do you have any idea how hard that is for me? LOL  Well, it just so happens that we had family photos taken on Sunday and I have a couple of "sneak peeks"!!

Well, this is the end of this challenge.  I must admit, anytime I do one of these blog challenges, I'm kinda glad when it is done . . it frees me up a little BUT I still enjoyed it and had fun with it!

Too Cute Not to "Toot"

Another week of some awesome things!  Some holiday and some not but all fun!

Click here to Learn how!
Check out Lemon Tree Creations - an awesome tutorial on how to make a pillow.  I like it because, as a novice on a sewing machine, even I feel like I could make these.  I'd love to do it for holidays to cover up my sofa pillows!
Over at Oospey Daisy, she gives this really cute Thanksgiving Tree/Advent Calendar Idea.

See How! Click Here
This Toilet Paper Turkey is a great craft idea from A Glimpse Inside
Click here to find out how!
Advent Calendars for Thanksgiving seem to be popular - here is another option
click here for the tutorial
I am always looking for new ideas to use with my boys both now and as they grow and I came across this great Fall Leaf Lesson Plan for preschool at Roots and Wings.  They have lots of great ideas listed!
This is just one of many ideas she has in this post - a matching game
Over at Sassy Sites, she listed several different sites that have some really cute Pilgrim crafts to do - some even come with free printables, which is always nice. 
This is just one sample of the links she has - check them all out!
Also at Sassy Sites, she shows how to make this really great "Thankful" plate for kids to make
Click here for the full tutorial.

Then, there is this really adorable Turkey over at Young and Crafty

Here's a great Christmas Idea for making a unique Advent calender which would also be a way to teach your children and have some fun too.  Not sure I can pull this one off by December 1st - I may have to put this on my list for next year!

Click here for a full explanation.  I do wish she had instructions for the bags but I'm sure I can find a tutorial somewhere!

I really like this give thanks pennant banner from over at Paint it Sew Thrifty.  It is really easy and would look really nice hanging just about anywhere.  Plus, just alter the fabric and you could make one for every holiday.  If it was hanging on a flat wall, I bet you could make it reversible - one side fall fabric and one side Christmas fabric!

I hope you enjoyed this great ideas!  There are many I want to make - I need to add them to my craft folders before I forget :-)