Saturday, August 22, 2015

Family Fun - Water Fun

My boys love water and they love playing.  Put those two things together and you get hours of fun and creativity!

 The boys wanted a water slide so they hauled the hose over to the Tree house and finagled it until it was running down the slide.

 Rain boots are very important features on a water slide.
 The water coming out of the hose is very cold HA!

Nate returned to the pool :-)  It was bit chilly too but he still loves it!

That pool is one of the best purchases ever.  This is the second year for it and it will be the last for this particular pool.  I love the fact that with the filter and pool chemicals I can keep it clean and fresh most of the summer (by the end it's a bit sandy but that's ok).  The outer ring has a small air leak that we can't find but we just refill it every few days and it is ok too.  Next year we have the next size up already waiting in storage thanks to my brother and the boys will ove having a deeper pool to swim in!