Friday, November 25, 2011

Non-Self Imposed Cyber Sabbitical

Well, I'm setting in a coffee shop that has Wi-Fi breaking my "Non-Self Imposed Cyber Sabbatical".  You may recall that I mentioned in a post at the beginning of the week that we were making a change with our DSL in order to change money.  Very simply, we were keeping exactly what we had but we canceled our land line.  By doing that, and the fact that we were not under any contract, we could actually save $60.00 a month on our bill BUT we had to have our current line shut down and turned back on again (to be treated like a new customer).  As expected, our Internet service went down on Tuesday afternoon.  On Wednesday morning I called to ask why I didn't have it back yet to which I was informed that having it back on by the 23rd meant by 8:00 PM.  I was PROMISED that it would be on by 8:00 PM.  Yes, promised - the words by the very nice customer service guy were "We say 8:00 so that we can over promise but over deliver - I work to make sure customers have it on well before that promised time".  What?  Seriously?  Liar, person who needs to not make promises. ;-)  I called at 6:00 PM to ask what the status was and was told that my account was being escalated (sure) because there was no reason why it should not be done.  I called at 8:15 and was told "oops its not done and we don't know why" AND guess what?  The department is closed that works on these new accounts until MONDAY!  Frustration!  It isn't so much that we don't have Internet that is the problem it is the fact that we were PROMISED several times that we would have it back on by the 23rd - one day without it.  I will be calling, again, first thing on Monday morning (I did call this morning just to make sure they were really closed) to put the pressure on to get it up and running.  For now, I'm enjoying a few minutes in a coffee shop and, in the evenings, getting a lot of scrapbooking done :-)

I doubt I will post again until after our Internet is back up on running sometime Monday (thinking good thoughts HA!) and even then the first post probably won't go up until Tuesday, is my guess!  Just didn't want you to think I really disappeared!

Enjoy your holiday weekend!