Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happenings in this House

So due to Blogger being down last week and a super busy weekend, I didn't get to share our week :-)  I actually haven't been good at taking tons of pictures lately but I did get a few fun shots so check these out!

 This was one of our free time activities - playing with the Sesame Street Bus - both boys love this toy!
 Despite being way to big for it, Josh loves to sit in the Jumparoo every once in awhile.  I use it for the little Munchkin but, sometimes, it is just too fun to pass up.  He will sit in that thing for over 30 minutes just playing around.
 He conquered the slide!  He can now go down all by himself. 
 Last Saturday was an Openhouse for my niece Marisa.  This is Marisa (sitting down), my niece Alicia (standing - who just became an RN!!) and Alicia's boyfriend Alex.  We like Alex :-)
 The boys were waiting for Grandpa to come up to the church!!!!
 And when Grandpa arrived, well, they couldn't leave him alone.  They love Papa.
 My oldest brother Kel, and my niece Marisa.  Kel and his family live in Brazil where they are missionaries so we don't see them often.
 My nephew Micah - He and Nathan got along very well.  Nathan kept trying to touch his face. 
 I just love this picture - Josh wanted to sit with his cousins, Kate, Seth and Braedon.
 Nate playing in the fresh cut grass.  No pants :-)
 Making his favorite new face and saying "ewwwwww" LOL 
 Yep, he was that tired.  I was making lunch and saw him standing on the couch looking out the window, when I went to get him, he was sound asleep.   It was too cute!
Finally, the boys playing outside.  We did get to enjoy being outside a few days this past week but right now the mosquito's are really bad and Josh gets gigantic welts whenever he gets bit so, until we spray, we are stuck inside!

Hope you had a great week :-)