Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Decorations

When I was first posting about the Holiday Journal, I wanted to give pictures each week along with the posts of my decorating but that didn't happen!  Well, I finally finished up with the little touches I wanted to do and now have some pictures to share!  Normally I do "Too Cute Not to "Toot"" on Tuesday's but, quite honestly, I have not had any time to search other blogs for great ideas over the past week so this fits right in!  I didn't get to post anything yesterday due to being super busy and going to that awesome "Life on Purpose" seminar.  I can't wait to share some of the great things I learned for planning 2011!  Hopefully I can post the first step tomorrow :-)   But for now - here are those decorations!

We'll start with the boys rooms!

Looking into Josh's room - I hung up a few little things on the wall and we hung some things from the ceiling, which Josh loves.

His tree and special things on his dresser.

His wreath :-)

He loves this - it plays jingle bells - an obnoxious version.

And my helper :-)

Nate's tree and ornaments from the ceiling.

His shelf with some special things..

My helper who refused to open his eyes for any pictures!

Now on to the Living Room, Dining Room, and Bathroom :-)
I posted about the dining room before but Josh and I worked together today and hung the snowflakes, which is why it looks like a blizzard hit.  He wanted ALL the snowflakes up LOL

This is the little project I did on my Picture wall.  I went through Google Images and found a bunch of Christmas pictures that I liked - some funny, some just "Christmasy".  I than figured out how many 5x7, and 8x10's I needed and ordered them through Snapfish.  Once I received them, I just taped them onto the frames and changed up the wall!

The Bathroom!  A few years ago, I found this Shower Curtain at Kohl's in their after Christmas Sales and just love it.  And yes, I wrap the big picture in here too!

My snowmen :-)

I had to show this LOL  Darryl and I picked this up a few years ago and find it funny - Josh laughs every time he sees it.

And the living room - I love snowmen :- )

Our Stockings

My "Mantle" - the TV Cabinet.  I love the ornaments above it and all the special things.  I'll share those two items hanging on the side later this week.

And our Christmas Tree :-)  Notice Donald Duck too!  We picked him up several years ago on a trip to Frankenmuth.  This year, we needed to keep the tree away from little hands so we got creative, we decided to put it behind the couch.  THAN we got smart :-)  Instead of paying for a 7 foot tree where half of it would be hit, we put it up on a table so we only got a 4 foot tree - what you see is what it is LOL!!  I actually love it where it is and how it looks. 
One last picture that just made me laugh out loud this morning.
Yep, that is Nate with his Pj's wrapped about his neck, just waking up in the morning.  Obviously, the snapping PJ's are no longer the best option for him.  LOLOL
So there are our decorations.  I have visions of total Christmas makeovers in my home but that never happens.  This years goal was to do everything without buying anything which is hard for a spender.  I did well - I had to buy one strand of lights and 1 set of two bows.  I am making a  list of things for next year so I can hit the after Christmas sales and see what I can pick up for 75% off!!!