Sunday, January 26, 2020

Weekly Worship - Jordan Feliz - Satisfied (Lyrics)

Several years ago for my birthday, Darryl took me to a Michael W. Smith Concert.  Jordan Feliz was the opening act along with another guy from Australia.  That night, if you bought Michael W. Smith's CD you also got a CD of each of the other opening acts.  Well, Jordan Feliz is one of Nate's favorite artists and somehow this CD got misplaced for about 2 years.  I found it a few weeks ago and, while heading to his sleep study on Tuesday night we played it in the truck.  The last song on the CD is this song and I just loved it so I thought I would share it.  Enjoy!

Saturday, January 25, 2020

2020 Week #4 Photos

We had a great week!  Here's a look back (In words and a few photos!)

Saturday - Nate's birthday party started on Friday evening and  went overnight into Saturday.  It was a great night that ended up a snow storm!

 Nate had 2 friends spend the night - he had one more coming but he ended up with the flu!  
 This was Nate's request!  I made a cake similar to this years ago for him and he wanted it again.  It's actually M and M Cookie Bars that I stacked in a "two layer cake", surrounded by Kit Kat's and topped with more M and M's!  Yum! 

Sunday - We had another quiet Sunday at home thanks to a winter weather advisory.  It was nice to sleep in after the all night party HA!  Plus we enjoyed hours of football too!

Monday - This is a break week from school so I took advantage of that on Monday and Josh and I cleaned his shelves and put his Christmas gifts away.  I always love a clean room!  Our evening ended with Nate and I heading to TKD.

Tuesday - The boys had a piano lesson.  Then, Tuesday evening Nate and I headed into town as he had a sleep study!  I did take photos of him all wired up but he did not like them and does not want me to share them - so I won't!  I thought he looked pretty cute :-)  It was a long night (or a short night) but a good experience.  The room was comfortable, we had snacks, and it was quiet.  It was almost like a little vacation!

Wednesday - Needless to say, Nate and I were tired HA!  We didn't do much except read and watch TV until it was time or AWANA.

Thursday - The boys actually stayed Wednesday night at my moms as I had a doctor's appointment in the morning.  I enjoyed a little bit of a "me" day.  After my quick appointment, I went to my favorite little Mexican place for the best Tacos ever.  From there, I even treated myself to a rarity - a cupcake from the Cakeabakery!  yum!  Best cupcakes ever.

Friday - It's Friday School!!

 Josh and his friend Ty playing games in the Game Fever Class. 
 Josh working on art using homemade art supplies in Crazy Kid Concoctions. 
Nate (on the blue Yoga mat) is his Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit class.  

Friday, January 24, 2020

Weekly Menu - A Quiet Week Ahead

We had a great birthday weekend and then a little bit of a crazy week - well at least for dinner.  We seemed to be running a lot this week and that always impacts dinner time.  If I'm gone all day, I don't love the crock pot because things over cook but if I'm gone all day, I hate coming home to cook which means I have to prep the day before!  It's the never ending circle of .. DINNER!! :-)  Before kids, when I worked full time - sometimes 50+ hours a week, it's no wonder we ate out a lot!  After working all day, it was never fun to come home and make dinner!  Anyway, I'm getting distracted. HA!  This coming week is a very quiet, stay at home kind of week.  We will hit school hard as we start the 2nd semester and not make too many plans outside of what needs to be done at home.

Friday - It's Friday School time which means I'm usually tired when I get home!  I love things I can just pop in the oven and require no work on my part.  I'm going to put in a frozen lasagna for dinner along with garlic bread and green beans.

Saturday - The weekend is the perfect time for the crock pot since we tend to be home all day.  Slow Cooker Zuppa Tuscana is one of our favorites.  I'll make some "homemade" yeast rolls to go with it.

Sunday - Scalloped Potatoes and Ham in the Crock pot with Salad and green beans

Monday - This is leftover night since we eat in shifts.

Tuesday - Crock Pot Fajitas, Beans, and Chips and Salsa

Wednesday - AWANA night = Pizza (or chicken nuggets or whatever else is easy!)

Thursday - Homemade chicken nuggets, buttered noodles, and carrots

I'm hungry just writing this plan!

Monday, January 20, 2020

January Goals

We were forecast to get a super huge storm this past weekend (plus we got more this weekend too!)   We did get a storm with freezing rain, sleet and a little bit of snow but it wasn't nearly as bad as they said it would be, which I am thankful for as we did not want to lose power.  From Friday Evening until Monday morning - we stayed home.  Darryl had planned to take the weekend off due to the storm and I made sure everything was done as far as errands.  We hung out, watched football, played, and enjoyed just being at home.  It also gave me some much needed time to plan, make my lists  and get some things typed up!  One of the things I got done was my January goals.  As I had said previously, the first two weeks of January were totally 100% school focused so we could finish up our semester  With that in mind, I knew I didn't need any goals for the first two weeks or goals that would take the whole month to accomplish.  Instead I wrote all of my goals with the idea that I only have two weeks to accomplish them!

So, here's the goal plan for January

1. One of my yearly goals is to go fun places and take photos.  I don't foresee us going into Grand Rapids this month so I'm going to try and find some place local that is fun to take a photo.

2. Scrapbooking - I have a couple of goals for this month.  1) Clean up my desk so I can scrapbook again.  2) By January 31st go through all of the "January" photos on my hard drive and make sure they are sorted and uploaded to Snapfish.

3) Reading - My goal is to read 4 books in January. 1) The Printed Letter Bookshop 2) The Bright Season 3) The Boy in the Photo 4) The Power of a Positive Mom  I'm also working on finding a book to support my Goal Word - Perfect Peace.

4) Cleaning - I've created my January plan for the rest of the month!   Now to accomplish it all!

5) Family - I'd like to go see a movie as the family - there are some really great ones out.

6)  Homeschool - Wrap up the 1st semester; Create a set of flashcards and a speed test for both boys to use during seatwork time: find division problems for seatwork time for practice, set up a Monday morning meeting time to start each week off on the right foot; Make sure both boys are current in their AWANA books

7. Update my Holiday journal with information from this past Thanksgiving and Christmas; Look ahead at my plans for Valentines day and set that in motion.

8) Get Nate new shoes and Josh a new pair of dress pants

9) Pick out a piano song to practice and . .. well, practice it until I have it down.  Also, practice my song for special music.

10) A friend shared a bible study online on James - I plan to start that this month.

11) Finances - Stick to my January plan for the rest of the month.

12) Complete our 2019 Taxes

I think that's it for this month!  Here's to another great year of getting things done!

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Weekly Worship - Shane & Shane: I Will Wait For You (Psalm 130)

One of the Bible Study books I have for this year is on Psalms so I've been looking for songs based on the Psalms as well.  I might not make it very far in the Bible Study Book but music speaks to my soul - sometimes even more then a book. 

Saturday, January 18, 2020

2020 Week #3 Photos

Here's what our week looked like.

Saturday - We went no where and did nothing.  We were forecasted to get a huge ice storm.  We did get freezing rain, sleet and snow but not as heavy as they thought (which was good - we didn't want to lose power!).  We hung out at home and watch playoff football games.  It was awesome.

Sunday - Read what I wrote for Saturday - same thing HA!  Church was cancelled - we went no where!

Monday - School!  My mom surprised us and took us out to lunch which was very nice.  Finally, Nate had TKD :-)

Tuesday - School! We were wrapping up projects today like Josh's food truck and Nate's science experiment.

Wednesday - We finished up the last few projects.  I took Nate to get new tennis shoes and the boys went to AWANA.  It was actually a low key day.

Thursday - School is done!  Yeah!  Today we headed to the library for the homeschool activity.  Our friends had a half day so that was added fun!

Friday - Today is the first day of Friday School and Nate's birthday party!  I'll be honest, I don't think I'll get a chance to post photos before this automatically posts on Saturday morning.  Darryl and I are being banned to the playroom after dinner and cake so the boys can have the living room HA!  So, I'll share photos from his birthday weekend in next weeks post!

Friday, January 17, 2020

Weekly Menu - The mixed up week!

This coming week has lots of little things that are different than the norm!  I'll still work on keeping it simple and easy!

Friday - Since Nate's birthday is so close to Christmas, it was too hard to get is friends together for a party so, tonight is the night!  He has three friends coming over to spend the night and he wants Pizza Hut Pizza and Breadsticks so that is what he gets!

Saturday - Since the party is an all-night, I might be sleeping by dinner time HA!  For real though, simple is the key so leftovers are on the menu or Spaghetti.

Sunday - It's still football!  My plan is to have Chili going in the crock pot before we leave for church.  I'll cook up some spaghetti noodles after church (because Darryl loves his chili over spaghetti!) and we will enjoy that while we watch football!

Monday - It's TKD night so dinner is eaten in shifts.  I think we will just have chicken noodle soup and french bread.  It's simple and tastes good :-)

Tuesday - Nate and I have to go in for a sleep study (well, technically Nate does, I'm just along for the ride . .. well, actually I'm driving HA) Josh will be at my mom's so maybe Darryl, Nate and I will eat at McDonald's (Nate's favorite) before he and I leave.

Wednesday - AWANA - Pizza night!

Thursday - I might actually cook!  Zuppa Tuscana Soup - I can put it in the crock pot and let it go!  I'll make some garlic bread and maybe even add a nice salad to round it all out.