Thursday, January 17, 2019

What I'm Reading

Since we are midway through the month I thought I'd share what I'm reading.  I talked earlier this week about my book club book and my book study book but this will include other books I've finished this month as well as what I'm reading right now.

 My mom and I had the opportunity to hear Beverly Lewis speak at a book signing last fall.  I picked up this book at that time and just haven't had a chance to read it yet.  I'm looking forward to reading it! 
 This is one of the books that I started in a book study years and years ago but never finished it.  I just never seemed to have the time to really read it and apply it.  Since I focus so much on not letting anyone steal my joy, I wanted to get back to this book so I could understand the importance of being positive with my kids too. 
 I love Liz Curtis Higgs.  I also love the story of Ruth.  Put those two together and I'm hoping this is a homerun! 
 This is my next book club book.  I've started reading it already and it has my full attention.  

As an Amazon Prime Member, I usually get one free "new release" book each month.  In January they gave out two!  I picked the two above.  Sometimes they are good, sometimes they are not - but they are free so that's ok!  These are downloaded on my kindle ready to read!

Since we are already half way through the month, I'm not sure how much I'll get read but these are my January goal :-)  We are considering switching from Cable TV to Hulu and I've already learned with the trial of Hulu that it's not as easy to watch TV without cable . . so maybe I'll read more ;-) 

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Holiday Planning Binder

Several years ago I decided that I needed to start writing things done related to holidays because I never remember everything I want to remember!

Well, last year I was determined to do it and never did so . . . at Thanksgiving I did it.  I just started writing down notes.  Everything from our menu, to what worked or didn't worked and even a reminder that we always go see a movie the day after Thanksgiving.

Christmas included lots of info from reminders of things for the kids Christmas program to when to the boys annual PJ's.  I think it is so much easier to write things down while it is happening as reminders for next year.  Here's a small sample from my Holiday Planner for Christmas.  As you can see, it's just a simple list of ideas - nothing fancy.  I really call it my "brain"

Christmas Program at Church
·         Saturday practice begin the first Saturday in November.
·         Program is normally the first Sunday after Thanksgiving
·         If the boys need “Toga’s” (sheets) they can’t use what they used in the past (twin sheets); either purchase fabric or get Double Bed Sheets
·         Need to take a snack for after the Program
Christmas Cards
·         Take some very specific photos for our cards – go somewhere if I don’t have professional photos done by Barb.  (Meaning, go to somewhere pretty and take great photos of the boys and one of all of us together
·         Pick out and order our photo cards in November (or have them ready and order them on sale – also remember that I can design a college card like I did in 2018 for a lot less money
·         Write our letter
·         Address and mail them all by the first week of December

o   Find out all address updates EARLY!

I also made simple notes for New Years Eve/New Years Day.  Nothing fancy but just reminders of what we did and ate and a few ideas for future years.  (Granted by the time New Years comes around, I'm usually tired of planning HA!)

Next on my list is planning for Valentine's Day.  I try to keep it simple but some of the items on the list will include:
1) Letting the boys pick out what Valentine's they want to make and get the supplies EARLY.
2) Making our Valentine's box for our Co-op party
3) Planning our meal (We usually have Spaghetti!)
4) What small gifts to pick up for the boys - the key is small.  :-)

You get the idea, I'm sure. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Book Study - It's not Supposed to be This Way

Over the years, I've joined quite a few different book studies and, if I'm honest, most of them (maybe all of them) I've never finished.  I get a chapter or two behind and never catch back up.  This time around a friend of mine decided to do a book study on this book and I decided to join her facebook group and see if I can actually finish strong!

This book caught my attention because I think, for the most part, many of us find ourselves in a place where we realize that the plans we had for our life are not turning out the way we, well, planned.  In reality, that's to be expected because none of us know what curve balls will be thrown into our plans through the years but, how do we respond to those changes is what really defines us.  I'll be honest, I'm not a huge Lysa Terkeurst fan but decided to put that aside and instead look for what I can learn from what she has walked through the past few years.

We've just finished Chapter One and I can honestly say that I already like it.  Does everything apply to me and my life?  No, but I think in a book study, you can glean what does impact you and use that to learn and grow from.  Plus I enjoy reading what others in our group are learning as well.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Book Club Book - The Two Family House

After several months of missing for miscellaneous reasons, I finally made it back to my book club yesterday!  I think I've been meeting with this group of friends for 2-3 years and we've read a lot of books, enjoyed a lot of coffee and probably spent more time just chatting then we ever have talking about a book!  I will admit, I've read a great variety books - many of which I would have never picked on my own so it's been a great way to get exposure to new authors and different styles of writing.

The book we discussed this time was "The Two Family House" and it was a really good read.  It's the story of two families, brothers, who live in one else.  In a cold, snowy evening, both wives (sister-in-laws) each have a baby in the same apartment, at the same time.  In a split second, through a silent agreement, they make a decision that will ultimately determine the course of their relationship and families.  The story unfolds and tells the tale of each woman and, really, how their lives are impacted by that decision.  This story was a quick read but it was one that I couldn't put down (for real - I started reading it at bedtime and didn't stop until I was done HA!) 

"The Home for Unwanted Girls" is the book we read for December.  It was another great read and is based on true events.  It's really quite eye opening as you read about these orphans who were used for experimental testing and treated as less then human. 

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sunday Worship- Living Hope

This is another song that I recently heard while driving and I just loved that it was easy to sing along with and has such great words!  Music speaks to my soul.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Our Week in Photos #2

I really focused on trying to get photos this week to share!  Here's our week in review!

 We started our week saying goodbye to our tree.  I love the lights but, in order to get ready for school to start, it had to go :-( 
 Both boys helped undecorate it - but Nate posed for me. 
 Almost done.  This year, I had to take it down on a day Darryl was home because our tree was BIG!  I loved it!  The last few years we've gotten trees that were shorter than me so I could drag them out. Not this year!  It took two of us.  I'm also soooo thankful I bought a tree bag - what a huge mess saver!  
 Josh asked me if I thought he could squeeze in here . . .I said no.  He proved me wrong. 
 Finally back to AWANA.  We missed some weeks due to having one car and then it was Christmas break.  
 The cats favorite place - laying on anybody.  He really loves Josh. 
 Nate's favorite place - under his blanket on the couch HA! 
 What's this?  On Thursday my great nephew and niece came to spend the day with us.  It's easy to forget how many toys a toddler can get out in one day!  They were great fun though and we always enjoy having them spend the day with us. 
We had a full week of school as we try to wrap up the semester.  Josh had to take his MAP tests this week. These are tests the boys take 3 times a year.  Neither one loves them and I don't really either but it is one of those requirements so we just do it.  

So, that's our week!  

Friday, January 11, 2019

Weekly Menu

Last weeks menu didn't go as planned but we did eat well every night.  I just seemed to have slightly different twists on the daily menu in order to use up some food we had in the fridge/freezer.  We also ate out a couple of times which is totally out of "character" for us but . . .we were celebrating finally having a second car HA!

Here's our plan for the upcoming week.  I'm more focused this week on trying to stick to the plan so we will see how it goes!

Friday - Today is grocery shopping day and laundry day so between the two, dinner needs to be easy.  I love the idea of pot pies for the adults and chicken nuggets for the kids. 

Saturday - Lemon BBQ Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, and Biscuits

Sunday - Ravioli, Green Beans and Garlic Bread

Monday - Sweet and Sour Meatballs, rice,  and green beans

Tuesday - Meatball Soup and Yeast Rolls

Wednesday - This is AWANA night and Darryl usually has practice so there will be one of two options - leftovers or something easy at home OR Taco Bell :-)

Thursday - Baked Tariyaki Chicken, Amish Butter Noodles and Broccoli