Friday, December 9, 2016

Weekly Menu - It's been awhile

We've been busy.  That's all.  With the holiday, Christmas things kicking into gear and planning for the holidays, I've been hoppin'!  Plus we've been pushing hard with school to finish a little earlier than planned for Christmas break meaning I have less time to get stuff done during the day since I'm spending more time on school.  I finally took time today, Friday, to plan out our menu from now until we leave for Christmas so I thought I'd share it.

Friday (Today) - Chicken and Dumplings.  My kids are not fans of Chicken and Dumplings (the tradgedy!) so the kids get Chicken Nuggets and Fries.

Saturday: We are going to finish up all Christmas shopping Saturday afternoon with the boys and then grab something to eat in town.

Sunday: After church will be a quick meal of Chicken Noodle Soup (I always use the leftovers from Chicken and Dumplings to make my Chicken Noodle Soup!) and French Bread.  Later in the evening, everyone can choose from the fridge/freezer for dinner.

Monday: I'm going to try a new recipe - One Pan Balsamic Chicken and Veggies.  I'll serve it over some pasta with garlic bread.

Tuesday: Creamy Chicken Burritos, Rice, Beans, and Chips and Cheese

Wednesday:  Darryl has practice and, quite honestly, I don't like cooking when he isn't here HA! The boys and I have been grabbing a pizza from Little Ceasers the past few Wednesdays.  It's cheap and we all like it!

Thursday: Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Corn and Biscuits

Friday: Tonight we are meeting my mom to celebrate Nate's birthday with her.

Saturday:  And today we get to eat out at Nate's choice of resturant to celebrate his birthday!

Sunday: I have a concert and Darryl is working - the boys are going to my Mother-In-Laws after church and will eat lunch with her; I'll grab lunch on the go.  A busy day!

Monday:  - It's time for vacation :-)  Yeah!  No cooking for me for over a week!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Weekly Menu - It's holiday time!

This coming week is one of the busiest cooking weeks of the year!  Thanksgiving always means lots and lots of cooking but it is all fun.

Saturday - Taco Casserole, Salad, Pico and Guacamole.

Sunday - Stuffed Shells, Salad and Garlic Bread.  Then, in the evening, our church hosts the annual Thanksgiving dinner.  I'm taking Yeast Rolls with Cinnamon butter, Mini Boston Cream Pies and Taco Salad (because I love it and that's all that matters!)

Monday - Root Beer Pulled Pork, Daddy Fries, and Fruit

Tuesday - Lemon Chicken, Baked Potatoes, Green Beans, Biscuits

Wednesday - Homemade Pizza.  Yep.  As far from Thanksgiving as we can think of :-)  This is my own tradition.  We are going to eat so much great food over the next few days that I try to do something simple the night before

Thursday - It's Turkey Day!  In my house, we wil be enjoying some snacks throughout the morning and then enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with desserts later in the afternoon.  I don't mind making a lot of food because we will eat leftovers in various forms over the next few days.

Friday - Today is true leftover day.  We will pull all of the leftovers out for dinner and I will probably make some Mac and Cheese to keep the kids happy too :-)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I'm still here . ..

Where has November gone?  I'm not sure but it's going fast.  We've been running like crazy since mid-October and, ironically, I feel like that things are slowing down as the Holidays approach.

So, I'm still here, I just haven't had time to think about blog posts OR I haven't been around to write them between field trips, kids activities, and a weekend away scrapbooking PLUS a sick dog well, I have taken on a Dory mindset, "Just keep swiming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming!"  Yesterday, I actually accomplished a lot of things around the house . . .well, except school.  The munchkin had the day off school so I let the boys play  - and they got to play outside in short sleeves because it was so warm.  Meanwhile, I talked boxes and bins that have been sitting around since . . .well for near six months.

The holidays are coming so I'm hopeful I will actually have time to regroup and get back into writing again!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Weekly Menu

Life is busy right now.  It seems as if the hours are filled and trying to fit in everything during the day just isn't possible.  The main reason that this post gets done is simply that we have to eat and in order to eat I have to plan!  I find it hard to believe that we are into November and Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away.  For now, though, I'm just focused on the coming days.  We are still trying to eat a little healthier but I've made some gross meals (usually lunches) lately so I'm tweaking it some and making sure that dinner is something we really truly like - it makes eating rice cakes with peanut but for lunch a little easier ;-)

Saturday - Fish, CousCous, Broccoli and spaghetti (for the kids - fish is not in their wheelhouse of food HA!)

Sunday - Pork Tenderloin, Mac and Cheese and Carrots.

Monday - We have a field trip so we will be eating on the road as we head for home.

Tuesday - Amish Baked Chicken, Mashed potatoes, corn and biscuits

Wednesday - Homemade Beef and Barley Soup and Garlic Sticks

Thursday - Chicken Wings and Fries

Friday - Sloppy Joes and Chips

Saturday - Darryl is on his own as I will be busy scrapbooking!!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Weekly Menu - Changes!

It's weekly menu time but I'm going to highlight some changes.  As this posts, I'm still enjoying some wonderful non-cooking time and I'm loving my break but, as we get ready to get back into the groove in the coming weeks, Darryl and I want to focus on eating healthier and changing some of our habits.  We have young kids and realize that we need to work on being a little more healthy on a daily basis.  Now, don't get me wrong, we still enjoy the good comfort food and have some fun food but if we can make these changes it will be good!!

The other thing is my new grocery store night is . .. Friday.  I know.  That's so exciting.  I was trying to go to the store during the day with the kids just to keep the nights free but it was really impacting our school time so it's back to evening shopping and Friday is a free night right now.

Here's the plan :

Friday - Monday - We are still having fun :-)

Tuesday - Roasted Pork Tenderloin, Steamed Broccoli, Brown Rice and Salad.

Wednesday - Grilled Steak Salad, Raspberries, Minestrone Soup and whole wheat rolls

Thursday - Pampered Chicken, (a new recipe that I'll share if it is good!), Broccoli, Couscous, and grapes

Friday - Mustard Crustard Fish (I'll see what looks good at the store), Brown Rice, Honeydew Melon, Asparagus, and whole wheat rolls

Doesn't it all look yummy?  I think the biggest change is just eating "fresher" and no mixed dishes like cassaroles OR pasta!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Weekly Menu

I keep thinking I will have more time to write - I even made a list of blogs to write but, days are busy right now with school, co-op and other fun things going on.  At least we are still eating ;-)

This coming week we have lots of exciting things so it makes my planning so much easier!

Friday - Josh has requested Pizza and since, we won't be eating at home on his actual birthday, this is his birthday dinner.  I don't mind not cooking :-)

Saturday - Today is Josh's birthday so we are out for day to celebrate him!

Sunday - Tacos for lunch.  Darryl is working so something nice and easy.  We are meeting my mom for dinner to celebrate Josh (of course)

Monday - The boys are at my mom's for a few days.  As much as I don't like cooking when they are gone, I do plan on cooking something simple - Chicken and veggies most likely.

Tuesday - I'm not cooking HA!  Darryl and I need a date night :-)  We don't have many choices so it will probably be just Applebees or me meeting him somewhere if he works late (as he does often).

That's my week :-)  After this we have plans for some family fun at a family wedding.  I won't have to cook again until after Halloween :-)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Fall Fun

This past week we actually did have fun.  We had some really nice weather early in the week so we took advantage of it.  During the cold, snowy days of winter, we can double up on some lessons while we are stuck inside!

On Monday, after Live Lessons were done, we had to go to the laundry mat.  We then went to lunch and I surprised the kids with a trip to one of our favorite parks.  We only go to parks in the spring and fall when the weather isn't hot!  This wooden park is so much fun and to make it better, we unexpectedly ran into two other families from our home school group who have kids that my boys know well.

 Nathan running through the park. 
 Monkey Bar Fun 



On Tuesday, we took China to a dog wash station at a car wash.  She had gotten really sick on Monday and needed a bath worse than ever.  With the weather nicer, I figured that this was the time to check out this dog wash.  I was pretty impressed.  The water was warm, the sprayer had lots of soap options (just like a car wash!) and there was even a dryer.  It was all going great until I started the dryer.  My arthritic dog did a backflip out of the bathtub and landed on her feet.  My heart about did a backflip out of my chest!  Geesh China :-) 

We love our sweet pooch!! 

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to meet with my brother, Kel and sister-in-law Debby as they were passing by heading to Ohio.  It's a rare treat, since they live in Brazil, to get to share coffee together so we really enjoyed the visit.  

 The boys love their Aunt and Uncle especially because they speak Portugese :-) 

We did actually get some school work done too.  I've figured out that how I currently have the school day laid out is not working.  So I'm making some changes which will roll out the first week in November.  I'd do it now but we have this week to get through and then we have a week off.  Instead, my goal is to just finish their lessons by the end of the week!!  
 This board keeps me sane.  It lists their Live Lesson Times, Be-Weekly call dates, and due dates for special assigments.  Granted, I just remembered at 9:35 pm on Sunday that Nate was supposed to record a book this weekend. Oops!  We will work on that first thing Monday morning!
Nate was working on some school work but did not want his picture taken! 

Thursday we spent at Thursday school and Friday, we had errands to run and Nana came over for a couple of days!  It was an extremely busy week with things like swim lessons and AWANA too.  

But . . .we had fun! :-)