Saturday, October 21, 2017

Our Week in Photos week #17

This is really 2 weeks worth of photos since I didn't share anything last week!

Last week, we had kind of a quiet week so I looked for some new and unique things happening.

October 10th - Nate pulled out all of his power ranger toys and set them all up (They are still living in the living room as he plays with them every day).  I love to see my kids play with toys!

 The cat also wanted to play . . .
October 11th - I had a chance to take a some photos at the Crazy 8's Math club that Nate is in - they got to test their decibal levels while screaming. (Sorry these are blurry - they are from my phone!) 

Of course, we attended Friday School!  Nate enjoys the cooking part of cooking class but he stll won't taste the food. 
 They had fun in their Stem class figuring out what combination would melt ice the fastest.
 Josh loves the cooking class and even enjoys some of the food :-)
Our weekend was filled with camping which I shared more about HERE
Tuesday, October 17th - We participated in a field trip to an Historical Village not far from where we live.  It was a fun experience for the boys. 
 Listening to the history of the village. 
 Getting a tour of the Inn. They learned about Spit-toons and Chamber pots . . .and were grossed out by both HA! 
 They got to churn butter and peel veggies for homemade soup. 
 Listening to the store keeper teach about the general store. 
 The kids were able to dip their own candles. 
 Josh even ate some of the homemade soup - after he picked out all of the green beans ;-) 
The candles that they made. 

This week ended up being really busy with Camping, a field trip, Crazy 8's, AWANA, a Library Event for Homeschoolers, and Friday school.  Throw in the fact that I was fighting a migraine Sunday-Wednesday well, it was quite a week.  I'm kind of looking forward to a much slower week next week! 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Weekly Menu

With camping last weekend, our menu this week was guided by leftovers :-)  So now it's time to start focusing on real menu planning once again.

Friday:  Blue Apron Meal (I'll shore more about my experience with Blue Apron soon)

Saturday - Today we are celebrating Josh's birthday so he has lunch and dinner all picked out (and I don't have to cook!)

Sunday - We are meeting my mom for lunch for Josh's birthday and, as of the typing of this, he wants Arby's.  For real.  He wants Spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner.

Monday - The second Blue Apron Meal

Tuesday - Roast, Potatoes, Carrots and Mushrooms in the crock pot.

Wednesday - Mac and Cheese before AWANA

Thursday - Pork Chops and Apples, Mac and Cheese, and crescents

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Camping Halloween Style

This past weekend we had the opportunity to fit in one last camping trip.  We've been looking forward to this particular trip for months since it was the Halloween Weekend at the campground.  We've never camped in the cool fall before so it took some extra planning but we did it and had fun in the process!

We arrived on Friday night.  In order to make everything work, Darryl took the camper to work on Friday morning and left for the campground from town.  This put him there almost an hour and half before the kids and I .  Why?  Well, we hit rush hour traffic AND a homecoming parade which caused to have to turn around and head into the campground a different way.  Once there, we got everything all set up and a great fire started  . . . .just in time for the rains to start!  It rained . .. and poured . . all night long.

Saturday was the day for all of the Halloween activities and we woke to still more rain.  I really thought it was going to be a total wash but it wasn't!  The first activities started at 11:00 and at about 10;45, the rain stopped.

 We started with painting pumpkins.  I thought it was awesome that the campground provided pumpkins for all of the kids to paint.
 Nate and I getting a photo together :-) 
 There were also games set up like the marshmallow on a string game - Josh loved this one! 
 These crazy glasses are my favorite - Josh looks so funny! 
 There was also pumpkin bowling. 
 Nate with some of his prizes.  

We headed back to our camper for lunch and to get costumes on for the Costume Parade.  Amazingly, the sprinkles stopped again in time for the parade. 

 We walked around the whole 2nd loop and saw some really great decorations. 
 The boys got to meet Smokey the bear.  Lets keep it real, they had zero clue who he was HA!  The joys of homeschooling - we don't always get introduced to these fun characters. 
Our fun campsite!  We got a fire going again and guess what, the rain came pouring down.  Rain, Thunder and Lightening caused the Scavenger Hunt to be canceled and I actualy thought the Trick-Or-Treating would be a wash too BUT . . .at 4:10 the rain stopped and Trick-or-Treating was from 4-5!!!  So the boys got a HUGE amount of candy and had lots of fun. 

Are you ready?  As the clock struck 5:00, the rain started again!  And it rained and rained.  We ended up going out for dinner because I couldn't cook in the rain.  We spent the evening hanging out in our camper.  The storms rolled in about 10:00.  Truth be told, we had considered going home for the night because of the forecast - 50-60 mph winds.  Riding out a storm like that in a pop-up is not fun.  We made the decision to stay and in the end, it wasn't too bad.  Yes, the wind was literally whistling through the tree tops but, thanks to those trees and the direction of the wind, the camper hardly moved.  

Saturday dawned rainy and windy.  After enjoying a relaxing morning in the camper, we went to lunch at McDonald's that happened to have play land so the boys could play for awhile.  We headed to Lake Michigan to see the waves and they did not disappoint.  The wind brought in gigantic waves! 

 There were Kite-Surfers out on the water and they are amazing to watch.  

 For the record, the boys put their toes in the water on October 15th!  It was cold!! 

 I plan on framing this photo and putting it in our living room!  

 Ok, funny story.  We then drove down to an area where we were right by the sea wall and the waves were splashing up over the road.  We parked there for awhile and Nate opened his window for fun.  Darryl also opened the sunroof.  Well, have you ever seen the insurance commercial were the couple is sitting in their car by the ocean and a HUGE wave comes up and floods their car including an octopus that opens the door?? Well . . .it can really happen HA!  All of a sudden, a HUGE wave came over the truck and we were soaked HA!  There was water everywhere; my hair was dripping; the LED lights on the radio quick working for awhile . . .it was just crazy.  We laughed and laughed and laughed.  What great memories!  
 On the way back to the campground we saw this beautiful sight with the sun breaking through the clouds and shining onto the lake. 

The tempature had really dropped but at least it wasn't raining!  We enjoyed dinner at the campground and Darryl got an amazing fire going. 

 So, of course we roasted marshmallows!!  

We were able to enjoy the fire until dark and then, the rain started again.  So, we gathered back in our camper for the evening. 

 We do not "unplug" when we camp.  Everyone enjoys a little bit of electronics in the evening and it really helps pass the time on rainy days.  I bring books - book real and electronic to read !! 
This little guy was our best friend on Sunday night because it got really cold and damp.  This kept our little canvas home nice and cozy all night! 

After a night of heavy, heavy rain, we woke up to a beautiful Monday morning with tons of sun and the perfect temps.  This was the weather I had hoped for all weekend and none of us really wanted to leave but, we had to pack up.  The camp ground was empty and the boys loved it - they found sticks and created the best games ever.  It made me wish for a huge backyard with trees, sticks and leaves!  Our backyard is quite boring, truth be told!

We were all loaded, the camper was hooked up and we were ready to go get lunch when . . .we discovered that the van wouldn't start.  Thankfully we had jumper cables . . ..

 We did get the van started and then headed to lunch before heading home and unloading.
A look at the campground.  There were maybe 6-8 campers in the whole place.

We really did have fun despite the rain.  We ate away from the camper much more than I had planned so we came home with about 3 days worth of meals to use this week.  We have to open the camper up to air it out and make sure it is dry before packing it up for the winter.  But otherwise, we just had a great time!!  I'm hoping to make this trip a yearly tradition :-) 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

A planned break

Since I came back to blogging several months ago, I made it my goal to write every day and, with the exception of one Sunday I forgot to post I've stuck to that!  I'm going to take a planned few days off though because we have a busy few days coming up and I can't guarentee I'll time to write a post each day!  Plus, the well has run just a little dry  . . .a few days off will give me time to hopefully research and write about some new posts for the coming weeks :-)

So enjoy a few days off and I'll be back next week! 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A Few of My Favorite things

 I love the change of seasons.  The color of the leaves; leaves being blown in the wind; crunching through the leaves - it's all so beautiful! 
 Cider Mill Donuts - nothing better!  They have a crisp outside and a fluffy inside - just so yummy! 
 And what goes better with donuts than Cider!  My mom picked up both for us recently and it was so very good!  It always makes me miss my brother Kel because Cider and Donuts from the Orchard are a true favorite of his! 
The smell of a great fall candle.  Well, lets keep it real.  I love Yankee Candles but I forgot about a candle burning a few times . .. and that bothered me so I've switched to wax burners instead.  No flame to worry about!  I still love the fall smells though! 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Bible For Little Learners - Co-Op Class

I've mentioned many times about "Friday School" - it's part of the Co-Op that we participate in along with field trips, community days and more.  This semester I'm teaching two different classes and I thought I'd share about one of them today.  I know I have appreciated finding blog posts about Co-Op Classes when I'm trying to plan what I'm going to teach next! 

The curriculum I'm using can be purchased at Teachers Pay Teachers as either single units, which I am using, or as a complete bundle which would take you through an entire year (for Christian Schools or Sunday Schools). 

The file "arrives" as a zipfile that you can then use to pick and choose from based on your needs.  I love the fact that it includes the story in printed form, review questions and even a parent letter.  I've tweaked the parent letter to fit our set up but you wouldn't have to since it is pretty generic.  It also includes a song for each lesson that are fairly easy to find on Youtube as well.  There are several activities to chose from based on the size of your class and ages in your class. 

The interactive notebook is great!  At the end of our semester we have a presentation night where the teachers set up a table to show off what they class has done.  My class is creating their interactive notebook to have on display.  It's such an easy thing to do for great review.  I love that the creators of this curriculum supplied both a black and white version that the kids can color AND a full color option.  I use the full color set - if I had the kids color the whole thing I think we would still be on unit 1!!
Another awesome thing are the lesson plans. Each lesson includes a week long lesson plan for classroom teachers but also a "Sunday School" version that you can make fit into the normal hour long class, which is the one I use. 
I haven't taken a lot of pictures of the class but here is one photo of one of the projects the class did.
They used water color paints to color their paintings and we will also set these out at presentation night too.