Saturday, April 4, 2020

2020 Weekly Photos #14

Here's a look back at our week at home!

Saturday - We just hung out at home.  (Surprise!)  My mom brought us a wonderful dinner of Ribs and Baked Beans.  I also did a Zoom meeting with my brothers and mom which was just so much fun!

Sunday - We "went to church" via live stream in Munising, MI.  Then we just enjoyed the quiet of the day at home.

Monday - School!

Tuesday - School !

 Good thing for the boys, they have a mom who not only plays the piano but used to teach piano lessons so we are continuing lessons.  They get 2 weeks to complete their practice but I want to keep them moving through their books. 
 We are doing school! 
 March is Reading Month - on this day the boys favorite teacher read a book she wrote about cows while sitting next to her newest calf at their farm in the barn while the cows were all mooing.  It was awesome!!!  
Every afternoon the kids have to go outside for at least 30 minutes.  They take a walk every day. 

Wednesday - April Fool's Day! We started our day with school of course! 

Doing school - notice Josh's hair?  Yes, that is a headband.  His hair is so long now it is "hanging in his eyes" (it is actually touching his eyebrows and he hates it HA).  He said he is wearing it until he gets a haircut.  We sent his hair stylist a photo and it made her laugh. 

 The annual tradition in this house is that I make Jell-O in our normal cups to serve as the drink.  It's always fun to see the first person try to take a drink :-) 
Playing football with the precious TP!! 
We took a photo today, April 1st, to showcase the beginning of a full month at home.  Yes, we've already been home for a few weeks but we are home until at least April 30th.  So, I'll take a photo on April 30th and see what we look like HA! 

Thursday - The sun!!! (oh, and school too)

This little guy is LOVING the sunshine coming through the slider.  He lays there all stretched out and cozy! 
And this guy, who is super social, is loving having us home all the time.  

Friday - We wrapped up school and enjoyed the sunshine.  I sat outside in my swing reading for an hour and even got a teeny tiny bit of sun.  It was amazing. 

The kids took their daily walk and then played a game of PIG in the driveway.  It was just an amazing day of sun and warmth. 

So, really, we had a good week.  Yes, we are missing our fun stuff but my boys are home bodies.  They haven't complained about being home or not doing anything.  They just enjoy hanging out at home, playing on their x-boxes, and watching Facebook Live Video Concerts!  

Friday, April 3, 2020

Weekly Menu

We are still under lock down and many things are shut down so we continue to eat at home!  It has put me back into the menu planning mode which, I admit, I  had gotten out of so that's a good thing!

Friday - Pizza night!  I actually enjoy this new tradition of pizza on Friday night.  Some weeks I make it, some weeks we have frozen but either way, it's super easy and so good.

Saturday - My mom is doing a porch drop-off dinner - she's the best :-)

Sunday - I've found that I don't love cooking on Sundays right now, or at least big cooking.  I like to relax on Sunday right now since I'm working on staying super busy during the week :-)  So, for tonight, I'll throw together crock-pot Fajita's (a favorite) and we will enjoy some good Mexican Food for dinner!

Monday - I think we will continue the Mexican theme for another night and we will have Tacos (or left over Fajitas!)

Tuesday - Chick-Fil-Lay nuggets (a family favorite!) and Fries

Wednesday - Wednesdays have become my "breakfast for dinner" So, tonight we will have Ham and Cheese quiche, Fried potatoes, and Fruit

Thursday - Pulled Pork BBQ (using leftovers from last week), baked beans, Mac and CHeese  and a veggies

So, there ya go.  That's the plan!

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

March Goal Recap

Here's a recap of my March goals!  

1) Spring is arriving so this month I want to make sure we take time to visit one of the amazing places in Grand Rapids to take a photo.  Darryl is my key to making this happen because he knows where everything is!  I know we will be downtown two different times this month so we just have to make it happen. Well, as we all know a virus changed all kinds of plans.  So, there was very little chance for photos but we did manage one when we went out to eat at Wolfgangs downtown Grand Rapids! 

2) Scrapbooking - This months goals are as follows: 1) Upload all March photos through 2020 2) Find time to scrapbook - I'm not putting a time on this or even how far I want to get through photos; just that I want to find time to scrapbook this month.  There are no crops scheduled this month so I'm on my own  3) I would like to order photos/photo pages for the previous month.  So, basically order all February photos that I don't currently have on hand. You would think that being stuck at home would have allowed me time to do this but it didn't!  

3) Reading - I have my same goal as the last couple of months.  I'm in the middle (ok the beginning) of two books so I want to finish both of those. I did manage to get a little reading in - I finished one book and am about 1/2 way through another. 

4) Cleaning - I am trying to keep to my "20 days of cleaning" schedule but I don't always have 20 specific days to set aside during the school year so I'll set up my schedule based on the days I know I have the time to put into it (I usually set my 3:00-4:00 hour for cleaning) Done!  This is the one thing I DID have lots of time to do!  

5) Family time - Some things on my radar this month 1) Going out to breakfast at a favorite place downtown GR 2) Going to a Hockey game 3) Celebrating St. Patrick's Day 4) Celebrate Darryl's birthday with just him and I (I have the plans - just need to find the day!) 5) We have a few field trips as well as a trip to the symphony planned 6) We also have a little get away planned with my mom.  I guess that means we have a lot planned! So, we did #1 - we went out to breakfast; #3 - we did Celebrate St. Patrick's Day . . everything else got canceled this month! 

6) It is time to start thinking about the graduation album I have to make.  My goal for March is to gather and print all of the photos I want for the book. This one will move to the forefront in April! 

7) This is what I cause my "Darryl list" - The list includes 1) Replace the light over the sink 2) Run Ethernet cords for the Xbox's 3) Hook up our new antenna and see if we want to cancel cable to save money 4) Help Josh set up two of his gifts - his telescope and VR headset (He's better at figuring out all that kind of techy stuff) 5) Hang up shelves for Nate's broken wood boards from TKD So, #1 is done; #2 is 1/2 done (we had to get a longer cord for one of the boxes); #3 we did and then returned the antenna since it didn't work  . .. and that's it! 

8) Homeschool - My goal for March is to end the month on or ahead of schedule.  I'd like the boys to master their 4's-6's in multiplication facts as well.  They also need to be current in AWANA as we end the month as well. So, we have had our scheduled messed with due to having my extra kids here while school is closed for them.  We are doing 1/2 days on school so while we are pushing hard, we probably will end the month a few lessons behind.  They are staying current in AWANA even though we aren't meeting right now too. 

9) Here's my misc. list:  1) Clean up and put away a bin in the bathroom that just needs, well, put away 2) Get new dress pants for Josh (again HA!) 3) Clean out the boys clothes - both winter and summer and see what they need for summer 4) See what both Darryl and I need for summer as well (as far as clothes) 5) Sort my music - I need to organize it all, clean out what I've held on to for years and never looked at and make it all easier to use 5) Nate got a wall hanging birthday calendar that I need to finish up for him (the writing of the names and dates!) #1 is done; #5 is done; and the second #5 is also done!  I guess in April I really do have to focus on cleaning out closets so I know who needs what  . .. right now PJ's are pretty common in this house HA! 

10) Set up at least one camping date this summer I've held off on this until we see how long this "stay at home" order is going to last. 

11) The basement - the goal this month is just to clean up and organize the laundry room area The laundry room is done as is the "playroom" area and I even worked on the main storage area some too.  

12) The garage - get the garage door fixed - that's the main goal. This got put on hold for now. 

13) Finances - Work on putting my small savings goals into action.  Plan out our weekly "money" plan and stick to it. We are saving money because we are going NO WHERE!!! 

14) Music - Learn my song for church this month; practice one piano song this month Since we aren't having church, there is nothing to practice for but in cleaning out my music I found some great pieces of music to practice! 

15) Take my dog for his yearly vet visit!  It's hard to believe that we adopted him a year ago this month! This is done!!! 

I feel like my month got put on hold (which it did) but yet I was able to focus on some key things (like cleaning) and get those marked off my list! 

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sunday Worship

JJ Heller shared this song today on Facebook - it's new, not recorded and shows up on Facebook only so hopefully this works!

Click here to here the song (hopefully!)

Saturday, March 28, 2020

2020 Weekly Photos #13

This week we went form just being home to "shelter in place" which basically shut down a lot of things and "requires" that people stay home as much as possible.  It doesn't change much for the boys and I as we are home anyway but this pandemic continues to cancel our plans.  Darryl continues to work - you can't drive a Taxi from home and his job is considered "essential" since it provides transportation.  I tried to take some photos of things we were doing this week :-)

Saturday - This was my big shopping day.  When are truly grocery shopping once for the next 7 days, it takes awhile.  BUT I did it, and we had food all week long.  Saturday evening we had dinner at my moms - the last time for awhile since we are practicing "safe distancing" due to the virus.

Sunday - What did we do?  We stayed home.  We watched/listen to church and then just hung out at home as a family and played games.  We taught the boys how to play Dutch Blitz!

Monday - We woke up to SNOW!  Not just a little either!  So, we had a snow day!

 The kids played outside for awhile in the morning knowing that the snow would all melt by afternoon (which it did!) 

 Normally I make the kids go outside for at least 30 minutes in the afternoon but since they had played for hours in the morning AND by afternoon the yard was muddy, we did kids yoga instead.  

Tuesday - It was a quiet day.  We did school and the kids played outside in the afternoon for a while. 

Wednesday - This is when our days start to look the same.  We did school in the morning and they played in the afternoon. 
 There was a lot of fort building this week. 

Thursday - School, play time, riding bikes and . .. I went grocery shopping.  No, it hadn't technially been a week but, I decided I wanted to try and go at about 6:30 to see what it was like and it was wonderful.  The store was pretty empty but the shelves were well stocked.  So now I'm done until the end of next week. 

Friday - Yeah!  We made it through week 2 of staying home.  We did do school today since we took Monday off.  The kids built another fort and then headed outside.  Nate and his friend ended up staying outside from about 2;30-4:00.  I loved looking out the window, seeing them sitting on my swing and in the yard just talking away.   

It is also Dash's birthday!  It turned 7 today.  

Happy Birthday Dash!!!!  We are so glad you are ours! 

That was our week.  Maybe next week I should make the kids pose for pictures every day HA! 

Friday, March 27, 2020

Weekly Menu

You would think that with all of this time at home I could manage to get my weekly posts up on time HA!  I think the days are all running together and, some days, I'm not even sure WHAT day it is right now!  Anyway, we are, of course, eating ALL meals at home so I'm planning three meals a day for all of us.  We are taking advantage of breakfast and lunch program through our local schools so that has been a nice "treat" for my kids - school lunch HA!  It's offered a nice variety, given us lots of milk, and LOTS of carrots (no one eats carrots but me!)

So, here's the plan for the coming week:

Friday - Homemade Pizza!  This is a big deal because our store has been out of yeast and flour!  Guess what?  They had flour when I went to the store on Thursday night AND they had pizza yeast (not regular!) So we enjoyed pizza at home.

Saturday - My mom is bringing dinner over :-)  Ribs, beans, muffins - yum!

Sunday - (as I'm sitting here writing this I'm realizing I don't know where my menu paper went and I can't remember my plan - oops . .. I think I can kind of remember my plan) Chili with Spaghetti and Biscuits

Monday - Pork Chops, Baked Beans, Mac and Cheese and Veggies (probably cooked carrots HA!)

Tuesday - Chicken, Noodles, and a Veggie

Wednesday - French Toast Sticks, Sausage, Bacon and Fruit

Thursday - Pork Loin, Baked Potatoes, a veggie and garlic bread.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

2020 Weekly Photos #12

What a difference a week makes.  We are "restricted" to being at home due to the current health scares.  Amazing, I took more photos this week then I have in weeks! 

Here's what a week at home looks like:

Saturday - We were all home together and just hung out and then went to my mom's for dinner.

Sunday - We stayed home and watched church online - a good friend of ours who pastors a church in the Upper Peninsula. 
Monday - This was a huge day.  Both boys got their braces off! 

Tuesday - Our friends are with us all day right now so there is lots going on.  We are continuing to do school for at least a few hours a day while trying to balance keeping things enjoyable for everyone.  We actually have about 3 hours a day that are "no electronics" hours and it has gone so very well!
 There have been many games of monopoly started this week. 
 There is a requirement of 30 minutes outside every day (as long as the weather is nice).  Dash is loving it because he gets to go on a walk every day. 
Nate's crazy hair!
 It was also St. Patrick's Day.  We did as much of our normal stuff as we could - the Leprechaun left gold "coins", used the bathroom (green toilet water!) and the boys had fun shirts too.  Plus we had our normal dinner of Stuffed Cabbage, Crash Potatoes and Rainbow Jell-O. 

Wednesday - Another day of school and play. 
30 minutes of time outsie. 
Plus building with Straws and Connectors. 

Thursday - and it's the same routine again :-) 
The cat is wondering why we are always home HA!  He was perched on top of the corner of the bunk bed looking out of his "kingdom". 

Friday - More games and activities. 

 Our homeschool Co-op hosted a Lego building event today.  The kids build their own Lego creations and then we posted a photo on our co-op page.  It was fun to connect with our friends. 
 Josh's creation
 Nate and Cooper made a creation together. 
There is also a whole lot of this going on in this house - Maddan Football on the X-box, and yes, Darryl plays when he is home from work too.