Saturday, March 23, 2013

Weekly Menu

Wow, it is Easter.  And April. Seriously, where is 2013 going?  As we start moving toward spring . . .and summer, I'm throwing in some of my "High Heat" recipes that we love to have one last time until fall.  We will start leaning more towards grilling, crock-pot and easy stove top recipes.

So, where's the menu, right?  Well, I'm making some changes around here.  I'm moving grocery shopping day to Thursday (Thrilling, I know).  The reasoning is once I am babysitting again, I will not be taking kids with me shopping - sure a lot of people do it, but I don't want to :-)  Taking a newborn, 2, 3, and 4 year old to the store is just not fun HA!  By moving it to Thursday, I can will be able to go during the day every other week (since my husband has every other Thursday off).  I will then go in the evening on the other Thursday. 

I'll be posting the next menu plan on Thursday - that is when you will start seeing that post.  That will mean that Saturday will now see posts about projects, topics, and other fun stuff (like Wednesday and and Sunday!).  Monday will still be the homeschool post and Tuesday will always be Too Cute Not to Toot!!  And, of course, Food Friday :-)

I really don't even have a menu planned for Monday-Wednesday this week - just going to pick out a meat from the freezer and cook dinner :-) 

Have a great weekend!