Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Too Cute Not To Toot

Lets start right off with an idea from Repeat Crafter Me, which I love.  I'm debating trying to get this made prior to my husband's birthday and have it be the gift from the boys but I think that might be stretching it (since his birthday is tomorrow . . .but I'm writing this post on Friday :-) ) I need to see how much the Fabric Markers are . . .

I've mentioned before that I'm looking for ideas for my kitchen as we WILL be finishing up the painting sometime soon and I really like these DIY letters from debbie do creations.

I look forward to being these little Leperchan Catchers with the boys in future years and the idea from East Coast Mommy is super cute and easy too!

Oopsey Daisy, one of my favorites, shares some great ideas for celebrating President's Day.  I guess I never really thought about doing anything for that particular holiday but after seeing her ideas, I think I will have to change my mind!

I know when you see this next idea from Debbie Does Creations, you might think I'm jumping the gun a tad but I would like to point out that Easter is not that far away :-)
This next idea comes from My Girlish Whims is for a great idea for a wedding guest"book".  Instead of the traditional book, she uses a framed piece and each guest signs a heart.  I love it because it is 12x12 which, eventually, could be slipped into a scrapbooking album also.  Obviously, this isn't something I plan to use but wanted to share it because it is just too cute!

I'm seriously only posting this idea from Worth Pinning for one reason.  Don't get me wrong, the whole post is cute - great V-day party set up BUT look at the Fruit Kabobs.  Seriously, who would have thought to do just blackberries and raspberries on a stick.  You will see these show up at a shower I'm co-hosting soon because it is just too classy NOT to do!

This is another idea from Repeat Crafter Me and it is "A Year of Dates".  I've seen this idea before and it didn't appeal to me because it seemed like it cost too much BUT the way that this blogger did it and explained it was great . I think that this is something I want to work toward putting together as a gift for my husband.  I think it might make a great anniversary gift :-)

That's it for this week and . . .sadly, there will not be a pinterest post this week again.  I'm not sure what happened other then I forgot to look at my list of things to do and therefore, did nothing HA!  I need to get creative again :-)