Thursday, August 1, 2019

Summer Week 9

This week our little friends were gone on vacation so we had a little extra freedom to do some things! 

Thursday - We went to the final Library activity which was the park party, went swimming and then the boys had their last Theater class.

Friday - We had a pizza party with our friends and then swam! 

Saturday - Today was "Christmas in July" at the campground.  We went to see Santa, the boys were in the parade, and we went to the farmers market.  Later in the day, Josh was at my mom's so I took Nate back to the campground because he wanted to do all of the activities - Swimming and Dancing at the pool, "reindeer" games, the wagon ride and a little more swimming. 

Sunday - Church!  Then the boys attend VBS.

Monday - We went to see Toy Story 4 and had VBS in the evening

Tuesday - Swimming followed by VBS in the evening

Wednesday - Swimming.  Then, Josh stayed home and I took Nate to see Endgame.  He had begged to go and this was our last chance to head out to it!