Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving . . . all of my reality shows.  I will admit, when reality TV hit the airwaves like 10 years ago, (or whenever) I wasn't sold on it and even kinda mocked it.  BUT, now, well, I love them :-)  They will come to an end soon - I can catch up on all the "fake" TV this summer in re-runs!

I'm loving . . . walking on the treadmill.  Ok, that is actually a lie but I thought if I typed it, I might actually believe it LOL 

I'm loving . . . the pork won ton tacos from Applebees.  We got them on a whim several weeks ago and now, I kinda crave them!

I'm loving  . . . that neither of my boys are puking this week.  Coughing, yes, puking no.  I'll take coughing any day :-)

I'm loving . . . that my brother, Kel, is back in the states - home from the mission field on furlough.  I'm also so happy that Deb, Micah and Marisa are here too.  Can't wait to see them all in just a few more days!!

I'm loving . . .  that spring is actually attempting to arrive.  Won't be long and the sun might actually shine for more than one afternoon. ha!

So, what are you loving today?