Friday, June 28, 2019

Weekly Menu

This menu includes a little trip and a holiday!  Whew!  I'm going to keep meals simple. Should be a fun week!

Friday - We are heading to a family reunion so dinner will be there.

Saturday - Family Reunion :-)

Sunday - Family Reunion :-)

Monday - My brother, Ken,  and his family are in town - we are all eating dinner at my house.  Pulled Pork tenderloin, Baked Beans, Corn and Tomato Salad and Chips and Dip.

Tuesday - Tonight we are all eating at my mom's house

Wednesday - Tonight I think we will keep it simple and do homemade chicken nuggets and oven fries.

Thursday - Happy 4th of July !  We are having a cookout at my mom's!

Now if only my brothers Kel, and Jeff and their families could be here too! :-)