Saturday, July 9, 2011

Creative Memories Spotlight: July Specials

Welcome to anyone visiting from Jenna's Journey.  I am a Creative Memories Consultant (Obviously) and, each week, I try to share a Creative Memories spotlight on items.  Sometimes I share my favorite items, specials, new products - whatever strikes my fancy I guess!  Yes, I will admit, I do this in order to hopefully drum up some orders! 

A little background for everyone.  I became a Consultant 2 years ago this month for one main reason - to feed my "habit" of scrapbooking.  At the time I was about 3 years behind and wanted to catch up.  Scrapbooking using the CM digital software seemed to be the best way.  I was given the software as a gift, joined up and filled the 3 month ordering requirement with just one or two extra orders.  When we made the decision that I would stay home with the kids, I really prayed that this business would pick up and help supplement our income . .. it hasn't done it yet but I'm still praying!  I run my business only on-line at this point as I don't have room to hold crops but many people like to just order - I just need to find them!!  I normally have a website of my own to share but it is not available right now due to,  well, not meeting my quota in the last quarter :-(  (On a side note - I plan on reactivating by the end of this quarter - I chose to deactivate for one quarter since I didn't need to order) You can still order but, what I need you to do before you want to place an order is to contact me - I can quickly reactivate my website and if you are the first  person who places the order, I will throw in a free gift!!!  The great thing is that you can place your order online (as soon as I re-activate of course) and it is shipped directly to you!!  Get a group of friends together and place a group order . .. or host a book show and earn credits for all of those orders too!  Just remember to let me know first!

So here are a few July Specials:
Maker Mania July 1-31 - Purchase any of Creative Memories’ makers and punches (except the new Border Maker and Border Maker Cartridges) and you’ll save 25 percent* off the regular price.  (These are great for all kinds of crafts - not just scrapbooking!)

Border Maker System Bundle
July 1 – Aug. 31
Purchase the Border Maker System Bundle (which includes the Picket Fence Cartridge) and purchase two additional cartridges and get the third cartridge for free.* ($15 value)         
(This is a new system - and seems like it would add a lot to page.  Again you could use this for card making also)

Pen Case Bundle July 1 – Aug. 31 Our new Pen Case is great. But it’s even better when it’s filled with Creative Memories pens. That’s the beauty of our Pen Case Bundle. Purchase all nine Dual-Tip Pens and get the new Pen Case for $5.* That’s over a 15 percent savings!
(I've seen this and the case is very nice.  It is designed to hold the new Dual-Tip pens.  This would make a great way to store your favorite craft pens and keep them all together!)

Aren't those some great deals?  Plus you can always watch the clearance section for other great items!  Honestly - all of the items above I'd like to get - there are some new punches out that I'm saving for; the border system is awesome and I can't wait to pick it up and I had been eyeing the old version of the pen case but now, I want this one!  Plus I want that new pens - I just cleaned out my pen stash and had to throw away about 3/4 of them because they were old and dried out. 

There ya go - you can see these items at the Creative Memories Website.  Feel free to shop on the site, make your wish list . .. and than contact me.  I will take care of getting my Website reactivated that day so you can finish up your order :-) 

If you have friends or family that scrapbook or do other paper crafts - feel free to share this info.  :-)