Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Holiday Planning Binder

Several years ago I decided that I needed to start writing things done related to holidays because I never remember everything I want to remember!

Well, last year I was determined to do it and never did so . . . at Thanksgiving I did it.  I just started writing down notes.  Everything from our menu, to what worked or didn't worked and even a reminder that we always go see a movie the day after Thanksgiving.

Christmas included lots of info from reminders of things for the kids Christmas program to when to the boys annual PJ's.  I think it is so much easier to write things down while it is happening as reminders for next year.  Here's a small sample from my Holiday Planner for Christmas.  As you can see, it's just a simple list of ideas - nothing fancy.  I really call it my "brain"

Christmas Program at Church
·         Saturday practice begin the first Saturday in November.
·         Program is normally the first Sunday after Thanksgiving
·         If the boys need “Toga’s” (sheets) they can’t use what they used in the past (twin sheets); either purchase fabric or get Double Bed Sheets
·         Need to take a snack for after the Program
Christmas Cards
·         Take some very specific photos for our cards – go somewhere if I don’t have professional photos done by Barb.  (Meaning, go to somewhere pretty and take great photos of the boys and one of all of us together
·         Pick out and order our photo cards in November (or have them ready and order them on sale – also remember that I can design a college card like I did in 2018 for a lot less money
·         Write our letter
·         Address and mail them all by the first week of December

o   Find out all address updates EARLY!

I also made simple notes for New Years Eve/New Years Day.  Nothing fancy but just reminders of what we did and ate and a few ideas for future years.  (Granted by the time New Years comes around, I'm usually tired of planning HA!)

Next on my list is planning for Valentine's Day.  I try to keep it simple but some of the items on the list will include:
1) Letting the boys pick out what Valentine's they want to make and get the supplies EARLY.
2) Making our Valentine's box for our Co-op party
3) Planning our meal (We usually have Spaghetti!)
4) What small gifts to pick up for the boys - the key is small.  :-)

You get the idea, I'm sure.